Love Hermès blanket? I can’t stop thinking about this Amazon dupe (and it’s only $59!)

Much like our Christmas list, when it comes to our homes, we also have a wish-list of sorts, filled with items we hope to one day soon have.

Now, if you’re wondering what the most sought after item on my list is? Well, that’s simple: it’s the Hermès Avalon blanket.

See, the Hermès blanket is more than just a typical throw blanket; to me, it is “the” blanket. It’s the equivalent of a Birkin for your home and provides the same exclusive feeling that any other designer shoe or handbag gives.

In short: it speaks to me, and it has spoken to me ever since I first spotted it in the Sex and the City movie. Remember Carrie Bradshaw wrapped up in this blanket after dealing with her heartbreak/wedding fiasco from Big? If so, same, and this only added to its appeal.

To the point, I made it my mission to one day own this iconic piece. But, in true Hermès fashion, it also comes with a pretty hefty price-tag. So, I started a “rainy day” fund so I too could one day wrap myself up in this beloved blanket. Admittedly, I had a ways to go…until today.

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Hermès blanket

(Image credit: Amazon)

Coobal Fleece Throw Blanket for $59.99 + shipping, at Amazon

If you’re a fan of the Hermès Avalon blanket, you’ll be an even bigger fan of this Amazon one. This Hermès-inspired blanket offers all the same features as the designer version, but for a fraction of the cost!

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Today my entire world changed — and if I do say so myself, it was for the better. Today, right in the middle of an Amazon shopping trip, I spotted a familiar item in my “suggested pieces” section, and I couldn’t believe it.

One of my favorite retailers had a dupe for the blanket of my dreams and the best part? It was only $59!

That is a complete steal compared to the designer version that rings in roughly around $1,500, and the best part? According to so many reviewers, “it looked and felt” like the real thing.

Here, this Hermès-inspired blanket comes available in 12 (!!!) sensational shades and crafted from 85% wool and 15% cashmere. Which means what? It’s just as soft and cozy as the real thing, and the ‘H’ design is just as subtle and stylish as the higher-priced version.

This blanket will keep you warm and toasty by the fire on those cold chilly winter nights, just as it will make the perfect baby shower gift. Plus, since it’s less than $60, you won’t ever have to choose! Go ahead and treat yourself and your loved ones to this beautiful blanket that is as timeless as ever.

Truthfully, I can write a novel over my love and affection for this Hermès blanket, but for the sake of time?

I recommend everyone head on over to Amazon and add it to their shopping carts ASAP. It’s the designer dupe that is just as good as the real thing.

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