Nové: New Luxury Cannabis-Infused Chocolate from Creators of incredibles

2020 was challenging, to say the least, but there is good news as enter 2021. The past year was a learning experience for consumers and retailers alike. Consumers have shifted their priorities to live their lives in an entirely new fashion compared to past years or even decades. According to a report by FUTR, perceived value vs. real value has come to be a dominant purchasing factor for consumers, meaning they are buying less and aiming for better quality when they do shop. In addition, younger consumers are driven by experiences and are looking to create occasions for the simplest things, like enjoying morning coffee or partaking in a delicious edible. The rapid evolution in consumer behavior opens opportunities for new brands able to deliver on consumers’ desires.

(Photo: Medically Correct)

Celebrating their tenth anniversary in 2020, Medically Correct founders Bob Eschino, Rick Scarpello, Derek Cumings, and Josh Fink noticed a hole in the market: high-quality chocolates for an affordable price to be enjoyed every day and not saved for special occasions. Responsible for creating the award-winning incredibles brand known nationwide for delicious chocolate bars and as leaders in the industry for the past decade, the Medically Correct team understands the importance of meeting ever-evolving consumers needs to maintain relevance in both medical and recreational markets.

(Photo: Medically Correct)

The cannabis industry follows mass-market trends. According to, the most significant player in the modern chocolate industry is premium/gourmet chocolate. Sales of premium chocolate have continued to expand and grow at a quicker pace than average, everyday chocolate. Armed with this knowledge and proprietary primary research, the Medically Correct team developed a new edible appealing to key and growing cannabis consumer segments: Nové.

(Image: Medically Correct)

Leveraging deep culinary and baking expertise, Nové delivers consistency and quality while introducing a decadent new chocolate that offers everyday luxury from the first sniff to the last bite. Fink, Medically Correct’s head chef, was determined to create an infused product rivaling premium chocolates and spent months in research and development seeking the highest-quality ingredients. The process he devised starts with cacao beans from deep in South America, fermented in wooden boxes to absorb the complex flavors before drying in the sun. Then the beans are roasted and processed into cacao mass until high pressure separates the cocoa butter from the cocoa powder, leaving the critical ingredients of exquisite chocolate.

The luxurious new cannabis-infused chocolates are made from a rich combination of single-sourced organic ingredients and the most refined cannabis oil combined with unmatched flavor pairings. Nové features luscious, filled centers in flavors including Raspberry Bramble, composed of rich, 60-percent dark chocolate. Sea Salt Caramel is finished off with a sprinkle of fleur de sel, Café Cappuccino is the perfect blend of espresso and white chocolate, Island Coconut delivers rich coconut cream and a hint of Madagascar vanilla. Honey Peanut Butter pairs a flavor favorite with a drizzle of honey, and Glacier Mint is a velvety mint creme nestled in 60-percent dark chocolate.

The embellished packaging and decadent ingredients position Nové as gift-worthy, while a highly affordable retail ticket allows for frequent enjoyment.

(Photo: Medically Correct)

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that consumers are actively looking for products that deliver moments of luxury and joy—and a filled, infused chocolate experience that doesn’t break the bank can satisfy that craving. Elevate every day and discover more on Nové

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