Do Mangoes Boost Your High?

Does eating mangos boost your high

Does eating mangos boost your high

Could eating a mango make the effects of marijuana more intense? It sounds too strange to be true, but sometimes real life is stranger than fiction. Many cannabis users have tried this trick and found that, yes, mangoes do in fact appear to boost the effects of cannabis. But how is it possible for mangoes to affect your high? And what’s the best way to use mangoes to enhance your cannabis experience? Below, we’re answering these questions and more as we go over everything you need to know about the magnificent combination of mangoes and marijuana.

How Does the Mango and Marijuana Combination Work?

How does the mango marijuana combination work

How does the mango marijuana combination workMany people say that eating mango shortly before using cannabis causes them to feel its effects more quickly, more intensely, and for a longer period of time. These are just anecdotal reports, of course, but it’s worth pointing out that a lot of cannabis users report this same experience.

So, why do so many people say that mangoes intensify the effects of marijuana? Unfortunately, there haven’t been any clinical studies done on using mango to intensify the effects of marijuana. There’s just no hard science that can tell us if or how it works. However, there is a common theory about this effect within the cannabis community, which is that it’s because mangoes contain large amounts of myrcene, a terpene that is also found in cannabis.

If you’re unfamiliar with terpenes, these are aromatic compounds that are found in many plants, including cannabis. Terpenes are what give cannabis strains their unique fragrances and tastes. Different strains of cannabis can contain different types and ratios of terpenes, all of which have their own aromatic profiles. In addition to being uniquely fragrant and flavorful, it’s thought that the different terpenes may have their own potential therapeutic benefits.

Myrcene, the most common cannabis terpene and the top terpene in mangoes, is among the many terpenes that are thought to have potential therapeutic benefits. While the area of cannabis terpene research is, as a whole, understudied, myrcene is one of the more researched terpenes.

There are studies that suggest myrcene may have a variety of health benefits and applications. For example, one animal study found myrcene has muscle relaxant effects, another animal study found that myrcene blocks the cancer-causing effects of aflatoxins (these are certain molds found in food), and multiple animal studies suggest that myrcene may be anti-inflammatory. Studies have also found that myrcene is responsible for the sedating effects of hops and lemon grass (both of which are high in myrcene).

So, is there a study that suggests myrcene enhances the effects of marijuana? Not directly. When people talk about myrcene terpenes enhancing cannabis, they’re usually extrapolating based on some potentially relevant studies about other things myrcene may do.

There are two things people point to when talking about myrcene enhancing marijuana: its potential effects on the blood-brain barrier (BBB) and its potential effects on cannabinoid receptors.

Some say that myrcene increases the permeability of the BBB, which would increase how quickly THC can cross the BBB when myrcene and THC are in the body together. This idea may be coming from a 2009 study that found myrcene can enhance transdermal absorption (absorption through the skin). Yet, we do want to point out that there is no study showing myrcene’s effect on the BBB, specifically.

Then, people also say that myrcene increases the effects THC has on CB1 receptors (which mediate THC’s psychoactive effects) in the endocannabinoid system. There is some research to support this, such as a 2014 study that found terpenes increase CB1 activation, but more research is needed to understand how this may occur.

There are some interesting studies on how myrcene interacts with the endocannabinoid system and it’s definitely possible that myrcene could alter the effects of cannabis. But, as of right now, we definitely need more research in order to fully understand how myrcene interacts with cannabis, cannabinoids like THC and CBD, and the ECS.

While there may not be enough scientific research to understand how mangoes could enhance the effects of cannabis, a lot of cannabis users are pretty confident that they do. The idea that mangoes affect how cannabis makes you feel is something that’s pretty widely accepted in the cannabis community. We’ll have to wait on the scientific community to do more research in order to understand why– but, if you want to do your own research, you could always try this trick out for yourself and see what you discover.

How To Use a Mango to Boost Your Cannabis High

How to use mango to boost your high

How to use mango to boost your highIf you’re interested in using a mango to boost your marijuana high, here’s what other cannabis users say works best for them.

Most people say that eating 1 to 3 mangoes around 1 to 2 hours before using marijuana provides the best results. As a general rule of thumb, if you have a faster metabolism, you may want to be closer to that 1 hour mark. If you have a slower metabolism, aim for closer to the 2 hour mark.

As for what kind of mango you should eat, people usually report better results with fresh mango over dried mango, which could be because fresh mango has more nutrients (and more myrcene). Not sure how to eat this tropical fruit? Try scooping it out with a spoon, cutting it into cubes, or blending it into a refreshing smoothie.

Additional Benefits of Eating Mango Before Using Cannabis

Mango is an incredibly healthy food, so it has plenty of benefits beyond just potentially boosting the effects of cannabis. Mangoes contain water, dietary fiber, and digestive enzymes, so they’re great for your digestive health (and great as a complement to cannabis edibles). Mangoes are also packed with essential vitamins and nutrients, including vitamin C, folate, vitamin B6, and vitamin A. On top of all that, mangoes are high in antioxidants, a good source of fatty acids, and they’re thought to support immune health, heart health, eye health, and hair and skin health. So, whether you’re eating a mango for health reasons or just to boost the effects of cannabis, you’re still getting all these wonderful health benefits. It’s a win-win either way.

If you tend to get the munchies a little too much when you use cannabis, mango may also offer the benefit of toning down your cannabis-induced snack sessions. Since mangoes contain a lot of water and dietary fiber, they can make you feel full (even though they are low in calories), while all their nutrients can help you feel satisfied. A lot of people who try the mango trick to boost their high also report that mangoes help to curb their cravings and stop them from snacking excessively.

Should You Try Mangoes and Weed Together?

should you try magos and weed together

should you try magos and weed togetherPlenty cannabis users say that mangoes can enhance the effects of marijuana. So, should you try this cannabis-boosting trick yourself? If you already know you enjoy both marijuana and mangoes separately, there’s really no harm in trying the combination. Many people find that eating mango can both enhance the effects of both their cannabis and their overall cannabis experience, since adding a new element into your usual cannabis routine can make it feel more fun and novel. If that sounds good to you, consider mixing up your routine with a mango and seeing how you feel.

Final Thoughts

This wraps up our look at the lovely combination of marijuana and mangoes. If you have any questions for us, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re always happy to answer our customers’ questions and help them find the ideal cannabis product for their needs, experience level, and desired results. You can get in touch with one of our friendly, knowledgeable team members by messing us through our website or by calling your closest Essence Dispensary location.

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