Breaking Down The Hemp Plant & Products

With CBD and hemp products growing in popularity and the market for it booming, you might begin to wonder where this magical product comes from and what it is. CBD is an all-natural product that comes from the hemp plant, but what about this plant makes it so special?

Not As Easy As It Looks

When you think of growing a plant, what do you think of? Many people may tend to think of simply planting some seeds, watering them, and calling it a day. For the hemp plant however, it is a much different and more complex process. Growing hemp requires space, a certain climate/ temperature, time, attention to detail, and more.

Bigger Than A Backyard

As previously stated, growing hemp requires much more space than a backyard garden. The require so much space so they’re able to properly spread out and grow. Specifically, it is best practices to plant the hemp in rows that are almost like Christmas trees, allowing them to be grown specifically for CBD and ingestible purposes.

Setting The Thermostat

For hemp to be able to grow, it must also be in the right climate. Like some other plants, this one won’t necessarily thrive in desert or arctic conditions. The optimal temperature for hemp is warm weather and ground that has high fertility. To be specific, the optimal temperature for this plant should be around 35° C- 45° C!


When growing hemp, attention to detail is extremely important, as those growing it must ensure it contains less than 0.3% THC. This low percentage of THC is required or the plant must be destroyed. If a plant contained THC higher than 0.3%, the psychoactive in the plant could cause a high when used and no longer be considered to have therapeutic properties.

Harvesting Time

The hemp plant takes anywhere from 60-180 days to be ready for harvest. During this time, it is important that the plant is being exposed to the proper temperature and space that are required. Often, when it is ready, hemp is harvested by hand.

The Hemp Plant

So, after taking a look at what it takes for the hemp plant to be grown and harvested, what does the hemp plant look like? Additionally, what are the parts of it?

• Roots- The roots of the hemp plant are useful for medicinal purposes

• Stalk- The stalk of the hemp plant has multiple purposes from being used as a fiber for rope, and textiles, to be used for animal bedding.

• Leaves- The leaves of the hemp plant can be used for medicinal purposes as well, they can also be used for animal bedding and compost.

• Flowers- Hemp flowers can be used for many of the same things leaves can be used for as well as used for vaporized products and other CBD products using pure flower.

• Seeds- Hemp seeds are taken from the top of the plant and can be used for food and cooking as well as made into topical treatment products.

These are the main parts of the hemp plant and the key components to many products that include CBD or hemp.

Breaking Down The Compounds

The hemp plant contains multiple different compounds and is sometimes compared to the Cannabis plant, being that they both contain THC. Where they differ however is with the amount that they each contain. The hemp plant contains a small amount of THC, but also contains the cannabidiol CBD, which is what is mainly extracted from the plant.

Hemp vs Cannabis

As we mentioned earlier, the hemp and cannabis plant can sometimes be confused for each other, as some people might associate hemp with marijuana. Hemp has oftentimes received a negative connotation, specifically when people believe it is responsible for causing a high when used in certain ways.

This stigma of hemp causing a high comes from one that is associated with marijuana, and many believe it carries over into the hemp plant. However, this is not the case- the hemp plant only contains a very low dose of THC which is the psychoactive part of the plant. This amount is so small that the hemp plant is not used to cause a high, but rather for medicinal purposes, therapeutic benefits, and other healing properties.

Versatility Within The Plant

The hemp plant provides versatility from the roots to the seeds at the top. Not only can products be made from the plant, but specific compounds from the plant can be extracted and processed into products. More specifically, CBD can be extracted from the hemp plant and turned into a variety of different products.

Hemp oil vs CBD oil

One of the most popular CBD products is CBD oil, which is made from the hemp plant after being extracted and going through a multi-step process to ensure its purity. Additionally, hemp oil is also made from the hemp plant and is usually made from the seeds. So, how different can these two be if they are made from the same plant? Let us tell you.

CBD Oil- This oil is used for the therapeutic properties that it provides from reducing stress and anxiety to helping reduce pain and aching muscles and joints. CBD oil can be taken orally or used as a topical treatment, and is one of the more popular CBD products.

Hemp Oil- Hemp oil also has a wide range of benefits from benefiting skin appearance and reducing acne to easing stress and anxiety. It is beneficial due to the health factor of it, and may even help with weight loss.

You may be wondering, “what are some of the biggest differences between the two?”. From their uses to what is contained, these oils are distinctively different. CBD oil contains CBD as well as 0.3% THC, while hemp oil contains neither of these. CBD oil is used specifically for its healing and therapeutic properties, and while hemp oil can be used for that, it is also used in food as well as in multi-purpose products.

CBD and CBG, The Products From Hemp

With the versatility of the hemp plant, it can also provide extracts like CBD and CBG. CBD as we mentioned, is a cannabidiol that is extracted from the plant that is used for a variety of things. CBD can be produced into a multitude of products.

CBG on the other hand is a cannabigerol acid that is non-intoxicating. CBG is similar to CBD in the sense that it helps with reducing inflammation and pain, but it has also been found that CBG may slow the growth of certain cancer cells. The most popular of CBG product is CBG oil, which can be ingested or used topically. Despite CBG becoming more popular, not as many products have been created with it and not as much research has been done.

Natural CBD

Although CBD comes from the hemp plant and is natural, it must still go through a lengthy process to be considered pure CBD after being extracted from the plant. Typically, the process it must go through is as followed:

• Extraction

• Winterization

• Solvent Recovery

• Decarboxylation

• Distillation and Isolation

For CBD to be considered pure CBD and marketed as such, it must follow these steps (or steps very similar) to ensure that it is being extracted properly and removed from all other cannabidiols. After this process occurs, CBD is sometimes also taken to a third-party lab to ensure that it is truly pure, as well as given a final stamp of approval to be sold.

CBD Products

There are a variety of CBD products, ranging from top elite products to more occasional use products. Some of the top CBD products include CBD oil, inhalers, creams, facial products, gummies, and lotion. Additionally, CBD products that are growing in popularity include CBD hair and nail products, coffee, and other beauty products.

These products vary from being used as topical to ingestible, it just depends on the product itself. Topical CBD products tend to target minimizing swelling and redness, as well as easing pain or aches in muscles and joints. Topical products may also help skin appearance by reducing acne. Ingestible CBD products on the other hand can also help in these areas, but they tend to be better at limiting anxiety and helping reduce excessive stress. Furthermore, ingestible products may help ease depression. These products may also help improve sleep, reduce nausea, and improve overall relaxation.

Between the two, ingestible CBD products tend to be the best, as they have the fastest effect and remain in your system the longest so you feel the benefits for longer.

Products on Products

The vast amount of CBD and CBG products are only a fraction of what can come from the hemp plant. Many products can be made from the plant itself as we mentioned earlier, but what are the most common and useful products that can be made from the plant?

Hemp seeds- These seeds are a good food source that contains many vitamins and is a good source of protein, making them a good and healthy choice.

• Protein Powder- With the hemp seeds containing so much natural protein, they also make a great protein powder.

• Clothing- Some stores are looking to hemp to create certain clothes, meaning you can find hemp mixed with cotton. Using hemp is a more eco-friendly way to produce clothing, and also creates more comfortable and breathable clothes.

• Sunglasses- Just like clothes, these are a much more eco-friendly product.

• Body Lotion- Hemp lotion can help provide extra moisture for your skin while also reducing pain in joints and muscles.

These are just a few of the popular and unique products made entirely or (almost) entirely from hemp. They are not only eco-friendly products that help reduce emissions from production, but they are also healthier options when it comes to the food options.

Over 25,000 products can be made from just the hemp plant, allowing for more than a variety of uses. With the products that can be made from this plant combined with products from CBD and CBG, the hemp plant might be one of the most versatile natural plants. After all, it provides medicinal benefits, therapeutic properties, healthy dietary options, eco-friendly clothing, and much more!

In The Market For A Product

If you’re looking to or considering buying a product, but you have no idea where to start , we understand. It can be tricky knowing which product is right for you, which is why we’re here. From hemp, CBG and CBD there’s a variety of products out there with small to big differences that can make it hard to know what best suits you and your lifestyle. So, how can all of these products be that different?

Hemp Oil, CBD Oil, CBG Oil

As compared and discussed above, all three of these oils are unique in their way. To recap, hemp oil is used primarily for its nutritional value, as well as for the products it can produce that are efficient and eco-friendly. CBD oil is used for its therapeutic properties and is essential if you’re looking to reduce anxiety, stress, depression, and help improve your sleep schedule. CBG oil may also help with reducing anxiety, but is known for slowing the spread of certain cancers, as well as helping with treating certain conditions.

The Most Popular Component

Although the hemp plant has a vast amount of products that range from dietary options to clothing options, many people opt for the CBD part because of the benefits it is able to provide. Not only can the CBD part of the plant provide healing properties, but is can also be offered in different ways ranging from topical products to ingestible products.

This wide variety of products allows individuals to choose what suits their needs best, and almost customize their CBD experience to fit their needs. With ingestible CBD products being the most effective, CBD oil and inhalers are among the top ingestible products that are effective and popular.

While CBD oil is helpful in providing relaxation, it is also a tricky product to use for those that are just starting out. This is because CBD oil requires the user to measure out their dosage, something that can be difficult and can cause unwanted side effects if taken in the wrong dosage.

CBD inhalers on the other hand can come in two forms- CBD vape juice and pure all-natural flower. CBD vape juice is a product that has been processed and contains additives to make it into the juice, making it an unhealthier option for your lungs. The other form, inhaling pure flower, is a much healthier option that can even provide a better experience.

Pure CBD Flower

Although many companies are selling hemp and CBD products, finding one that is high quality and works well is key. It is also important to find a company that sells CBD inhalers that use all-natural flower, that is if you’re looking for a product that will provide you with the best CBD experience.

A company like Nava Pouch is the perfect place to start. Nava Pouch sells CBD inhalers that only use all-natural CBD flowers and ensure they are of the highest quality. All of their products go through the extensive purification process we mentioned earlier before they are sold to ensure you are only getting the purest form of CBD. Nava Pouch pre-measures the dose of the flower and pre-packages it so you don’t have to go through the hassle of figuring out how much you should be using.

With Nava’s expertise, they have created two kinds of pouches, one pouch called “Unwind” meant to help you relax after a stressful day, or the “Uplift” pouch that helps prepare you for the day ahead and motivate you for any tasks on your plate. Their all-natural flower products are not only convenient, but they are also some of the healthiest CBD products to choose from on the market. Using natural flower and using a device that measures temperature ensuring it never burns, this allows for a crisp experience but never an unhealthy one.

So go to to experience the benefits that can come from the hemp plant.

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