How Omura’s Whole-Flower Cartridges Are Changing The Way We Vape

We’re living in probably the most exciting and eventful times for cannabis. For starters, more and more US states and countries around the world continue to legalize it. It’s clear that society is changing, and the stigma around cannabis is a thing of the past.

With weed being legal, the quality, diversity, and availability of products boomed. Nice dispensaries replaced shady dealers, and weed became more than just smoking joints. Nowadays, there are many different ways to enjoy cannabis: edibles, concentrates, topicals, and most recently, vape pens.

Offering a more discreet, convenient, and sometimes healthier alternative to smoking, vaporizers are among the best selling products in today’s cannabis market. And there’s a new brand that is revolutionizing the vaping world by bringing in a new whole flower, high-tech alternative that promises to be the next big thing in vaping by delivering controlled doses designed to enhance your moments without getting you too high. Enter, Omura.

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