Green Earth Collective – Best Dispensary & Weed Delivery in Los Angeles & Eagle Rock

Green Earth Collective has a reputation as one of the top dispensaries in LA. They provide some of the best priced, fastest premium weed delivery in the Los Angeles area. Green Earth Dispensary Los Angeles has a focus on the natural and holistic benefits of cannabis. Which mean understanding the cannabis flower and its strain in great depth and imparting that knowledge to our customers.

Green Earth Collective is not only synonymous with the words Los Angeles dispensary, they also provide one of the best weed delivery services in the city. If you are searching for weed delivery Los Angeles then Green Earth collective should be at the top of the list with premium products, great prices, daily deals, and fast Los Angeles Weed Delivery.

Helping customers choose from a wide array of both organic products and edibles for both medical marijuana customers and recreational weed is what Green Earth Collective is about. We want to provide our customer base with the best cannabis products, and the best information in order to server Los Angeles with the best natural and holistic healing through cannabis, whether it is medical use, recreational, or even spiritual.

We have friendly staff of experienced and knowledgeable bud tenders at our store front dispensary, as well as highly trained weed delivery staff. We aim to extend our influence beyond just recreational and medical cannabis sales, but also be a resource on how to heal, relax, and live a holistic lifestyle. The management at Green Earth Collective has extensive experience in the cannabis industry with both indoor and outdoor cultivation, distribution, and sales in order to ensure the customer the highest quality experience.

Green Earth Collective strives to be a responsible and philanthropic member of the community. We give back through supporting homeless groups, local churches, Children’s advocacy groups, first responders, and nurses. We strive to maintain our dollar for dollar matching campaign where we match every dollar raised for specific local businesses or organizations in need. Collectively we give, collectively we grow, and collectively we receive. It give us pride to be able to support the community that has supported us. The Green Earth Collective is a family and believes we are all a part of a community here in Los Angeles.

Our process for ensuring you have the highest quality organically grown cannabis products starts at the farm, with inspection of every flower and ensuring each bud is picked at the peak time for ripeness. Once the product has cured and dried in a chemical free process, they are brought to the Dispensary and distribution center where we test the flowers for pesticides and chemicals, moisture, heavy metals, and any other dangerous content to ensure quality for every customer. We test the potency, and percentage of cannaboids to make certain only the highest quality flowers are accepted.

Green Earth collective Dispensary also provides Los Angeles weed delivery services, and curbside pick up, which is especially helpful during this time, and helpful in general to anyone in the LA area.


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