Best CBD Stores Near Me: Reviews & Ratings

The hardest part of relocating is finding the best CBD stores for all your needs. For general things that everyone uses, it’s no big deal, but the real challenge comes when the product is not in demand in that vicinity.

The challenge doubles when you live in the remotest part of your city. You may be opportune to have sociable neighbors who know the nook and cranny of the area. If otherwise, you may need to “get along” with the internet. The internet is the best way to locate the best CBD stores near you (when all other means have failed).


Should You Buy CBD Locally or Online?

It’s one thing to use the internet to make your findings of the best CBD stores in your vicinity; it’s another thing to purchase via an online outlet (most likely in your state).

Purchasing directly online can be a nightmare if you are buying from a middleman who barely knows anything about the products they sell. These people have no control over their inventories’ quality and state; hence, they cannot help you if the delivered product is damaged, expired, or fake.

The best place to buy CBD is from an online store with its production facility, farm, and inventory control. Don’t fall for the middlemen or drop shippers. Buy CBD oil online directly from the manufacturer’s site. We’ll discuss the factors you should consider before settling for a manufacturer below.

Best Online CBD Stores

Considering the five relevant factors we mentioned earlier, Blosum CBD and calm by wellness are our top online stores’ top picks.

Blosum CBD

best CBD products

Blosum CBD is your best go-to for premium CBD products ranging from quality CBD oils to CBD gummies. Their mission is to offer rich CBD solutions to consumers with the aid of innovation and industry-standard research.


Quality of Products

According to industry experts, they extract their CBD products using the CO2 extraction method, which is the best form of CBD extraction mechanism.

Certificate of Approval

Blosum CBD touts their third-party test results on their site for every consumer to see. Sclabs, a notable US cannabis testing lab, approved every ingredient listed on Blosum CBD products.

Source of CBD

They make use of US-grown CBD buds that are gotten from hemp plants. BlosumCBD broad-spectrum items are THC free while full-spectrum contains negligible amounts of THC (less than 0.3%). Also, they offer CBD isolates.



Blosum CBD is recommended by PR Newswire, a leading distributor of press releases in New York City. According to PR Newswire, “Blosum CBD is one of the most innovative tech CBD online stores.”

Calm by Wellness

Calm by wellness products

Calm by Wellness is more than a CBD manufacturer. They are a community of farmers, researchers, and doctors determined to solve people’s health problems with hemp products. They offer free shipping in the United States and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Quality of Products

Calm by Wellness swears by the rich quality of their products. They only use industrial hemp plants, which follow FDA guidelines for medical cannabis.

Certificate of Approval

Every ingredient listed in their products was lab tested and approved by DB Labs, a state-approved lab located in Nevada. The results of the third-party lab tests are well-displayed on their site.

Source of CBD

They extract CBD from USDA approved hemp plants with CO2 extraction mechanisms. The result is a CBD extract with no toxic ingredients, no side effects, and 0% THC.


They are endorsed by reputable doctors and industry professionals such as Dr. Tim Shu, founder, and CEO of VETCBD, Dr. Jeffrey Anshel, and a notable Optometrist in California.

Factors to Consider When Patronizing an Online CBD Store

When you are searching for the best CBD store, keep in mind that quality is everything. Every other factor you consider should complement the quality of the product.


When it comes to CBD products, quality is measured by the amount of CBD (in mg) per dose or serving of the product. Hence, a 75 mg CBD gummy is of greater quality than a 25 mg CBD.

Certificate of Approval

The certificate of approval, aka third-party lab result, is a certificate issued by a state-approved lab confirming or debunking the CBD products’ content. Most state-approved labs cannot afford to issue fake COAs, as they may lose their license if caught. Kindly disregard any manufacturer that does not have the published or pdf copy of their third-party lab results on their official sites. Also, perform background research about the lab to check if they are legit and state-approved.

Source of CBD

CBD can either be gotten from the hemp plant or marijuana plant. The quality of CBD obtained from both plants is pretty much the same, but the law frowns at CBD derived from marijuana plants. To avoid paying a fine or getting slammed by a lawsuit, ensure your manufacturer extracts their CBD from the hemp plant.

Confirm that the amount of THC in the CBD product is below 0.3%. According to the 2018 farm law, medical cannabis can only contain less than 0.3% cannabis. To be on the safer side, go for THC-free products.


Look out for expert reviews from reputable CBD news sites and peep the critical users’ reviews on Amazon. The truth is that many manufacturers try to control people’s narratives about their brands by paying fake buyers to give them positive reviews. Instead of feeding your mind with the deceptive positive reviews on Amazon, hunt for the critical ones (those reviews that detail every weak point related to the product and manufacturer).

How to Find the Best CBD Store Near You

search on phone best CBD stores near me

All you need to locate a reliable CBD store near you is an internet connection and a working internet-enabled phone.

Make Google Your Friend

When you search for the keyword, CBD store near me, you will see many options on the Google Search page. Google knows nothing about quality, so don’t think the companies on the first page are the best. The companies who make it to the first page are the ones with the best PR and biggest “bag” for advertisement.

To get relevant results, put on your location and add your county or city name at the end of your search. For instance, instead of “best CBD products near me,” search for “best CBD in California.” It enables Google to crawl through its search engine and present you with the “most relevant” site results.

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Join CBD Facebook Communities in Your Location

The first step to getting closer to the CBD tribe in your community is joining relevant Facebook groups. Use the Facebook search bar to search for the keyword, “CBD groups in X.” X is your new location. For example, “CBD groups in California or CBD California.”

Ask Your Neighbors and Colleagues

A good rule of thumb to get CBD plugs faster is by asking your friends and colleagues. If they don’t know, there is a good chance that they know someone who knows.

Types of CBD Products

Best CBD Tincture Product Reviews

Examples of CBD products include CBD edibles, CBD tinctures, CBD powders, CBD shampoos, CBD buds, CBD creams, CBD salves, hemp oil/CBD oil, and many more. In summary, any dietary, skin, hair, or food product with CBD dosage is a CBD product. However, all these items can be divided into three major groups: full-spectrum CBD products, broad-spectrum CBD products, and CBD isolates.

Full-spectrum CBD products

Full-spectrum CBD products contain every cannabinoid in the cannabis plant, including CBD, terpenes, CBC, CBN, 0.3% THC, and others. The amount of THC in full-spectrum cannot get you high. CBD and CBG nullify the sedating and psychoactive effects of THC.

Broad-spectrum CBD products

Broad-spectrum CBD products contain CBD, terpenes, and a wide variety of cannabinoids except for THC. In summary, broad-spectrum hemp extracts are full-spectrum CBD products that are THC-free.

CBD isolate

CBD isolates a pure form of CBD with no other plant cannabinoids, terpenes, and THC. The disadvantage of CBD isolate is that it lacks the entourage effect. The entourage effect happens when cannabinoids work in harmony to enhance the health benefits of CBD. This effect occurs when a consumer takes full-spectrum CBD or broad-spectrum CBD.


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