End of the Year Review: Best CBD Oil 2020

We should all give ourselves a pat on the back because we’ve made it through one of the most challenging years we’ve seen in quite some time—now it’s time to find the Best CBD Oil 2020.

And if we’re being honest, the high-quality CBD oils of 2020 played a vital role in helping us keep calm through all the changes we’ve all endured.

CBD sales increased tremendously over the last few months with everything the year threw our way—isolation, worry, fear, etc.

So, as we make our way into the new year, we thought it only right to do a proper wrap up of the best CBD oils 2020 have to offer.

Many facets of our everyday lives are changing for the better, and CBD is no exception. Many companies see the wellness value CBD offers to consumers. This is why you’ve seen a sharp increase in CBD oils blended with some of the most essential nutrients and vitamins.

An Overview of CBD in 2020

A group of CBDfx products

A group of CBDfx productsWhen it comes to CBD, you have to try it to become a believer.

Sure, you can do some research and find plenty of reviews from people praising the powers of CBD, but there’s nothing like finding out for yourself.

CBD is capable of such tremendous feats thanks to the rich cannabinoid profile each product has. Still, since there are several CBD companies out there, these profiles will vary a bit based on the company.

This is a huge reason we talk so much about the importance of organically-grown hemp and proper extraction techniques. The purer the product, the more pronounced the effects will be for you.

It used to be most CBD tincture oils you’d find were full spectrum, but the market is ever-changing based on the needs and requests of consumers.

Some prefer broad spectrum options because they’re THC-free. However, some still prefer full spectrum options because they offer heightened effects thanks to the entourage effect.

Either way, CBD oils have made 2020 much easier for the bulk of society. Here are some of our absolute favorites.

So without further ado, let’s look at two of the best CBD oils on the market.

CBD + CBG Oil Wellness Tincture

The Beginner’s Guide To Everything CBD-large

The Beginner’s Guide To Everything CBD-largeWith the CBD market changing and growing, companies are always looking for ways to boost their products’ wellness aspect.

One of the main ways this happens is to include essential vitamins and nutrients that help consumers take charge of daily wellness.

The CBD + CBG Oil Wellness 2:1 Tincture contains a 2:1 ratio of CBD and CBG. Most of us know all about CBD, but what about CBG?

CBG is known as “the mother cannabinoid” because it technically “gives birth” to all other cannabinoids.

When the hemp plant is in the early stages of growth, CBG is the primary cannabinoid present. However, as time goes on and the plant matures, some of the CBG compounds transform into CBD, CBN, THC, etc.

CBD and CBG are both non-intoxicating compounds, but they both offer their own unique set of therapeutic benefits. This super blend of cannabinoids contains a proprietary blend of 18 terpenes, paired with the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of Curcumin and Coenzyme Q10.

This CBD tincture oil made our “end of year review” because it helps you get a jumpstart on daily wellness with a couple of drops a day. Another aspect of this blend is the wide range of concentrations. It’s available in—500mg up to 4000mg of high-quality hemp!

CBD + CBN Oil Calming Tincture

A collection of CBD calming tinctures

A collection of CBD calming tincturesThis innovative formula is well-known for its calming and sleep-enhancing effects. Much of the credit goes to CBN, “the ultimate relaxation” cannabinoid.

Over 100 different cannabinoids are present in the hemp plant genetics, and CBN is one of the most calming cannabinoids because of its sedative properties.

Our CBD +CBN Calming Tincture for sleep has gained significant attention since it dropped a few months back. Partly because it helps you fall asleep quickly and stay asleep for the duration of the night without tossing and turning.

This calming tincture contains everything you need to get the most productive night’s rest every time you hit the sheets. It includes a specialized blend of calming terpenes to enhance this aspect of your experience!

The combination of CBD and CBN is also a non-intoxicating one. This vegan, gluten-free formulation is blended with coconut-derived MCT oil to enhance absorption and effectiveness.

This tranquil tincture made the 2020 tincture review because so many have issues getting quality sleep at night. This tincture provides a safe, healthy alternative.

We’ve featured both of the tincture oils on our 2020 wrap-up are made with hemp that’s organically-grown in the fields of Kentucky and lab-tested to further ensure purity and quality. Our tinctures are also made in cGMP certified facilities. All of these steps have a major impact on the end result of the product.

There are plenty of CBD companies out there, but you have to make sure they put quality at the forefront of the production process. For these reasons above, these are our top two picks for 2020.

Wrapping Up 2020 with Premium CBD Oils

Most of us are happy to say goodbye to this chaotic year. Still, the sharp increase in CBD use in 2020 brought forth some valuable product options.

These new options allow consumers to merge everything they love about CBD with necessary health and wellness goals. These are two of the most valuable CBD tinctures to hit the market because they both offer specific, valuable benefits.

Some people love to merge the benefits of both tinctures—the wellness tincture for daytime use and the calming tincture to prep the mind and body for sleep.

No matter which one you choose, just know you have market-leading quality on your side. This is also quality you can confirm yourself by looking at the Certificate of Analysis (COA) for each product.

You’ve got the inside scoop on the best tinctures 2020 has to offer. Now you can ring in the new year with the highest quality CBD oil the market has to offer!

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