Cannabis – when THC is not THC?

Indica and Sativa are literally just words to describe how a Cannabis plant looks/grows. Yes usually Sativa’s are more heady and Indica’s are more stoney but it isn’t always the case and everyone feels strains differently.

Look up THCA Isolate or Crystalline. That’s what actual isolated THC looks like and smoking it as is usually isn’t a very enjoyable experience…you’ll get fucked up but the high won’t last very long and it feels bland. It’s the terpenes that direct the high. That’s why in legal states you’ll see a lot of concentrates that are called things like “terp diamonds” or “rocks and sauce”. It’s a mix of thca and a high terpene extract.

It’s cool that we have names like Sativa and Indica to give an idea of how a strain might effect you but there is really so much more to it than that.

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