The Best Weed Subscription Box (The Top 10)

Unfortunately we don’t all live in a legalized area, and for those of us so unlucky the concept of cannabis delivered (legally) to one’s front door is still just a jealous dream. But that doesn’t completely leave marijuana enthusiasts outside legal areas in the dust.

For those looking to get the most enjoyment out of their smoke, or those just seeking a little novelty, there’s a wide world of 100% legal cannabis-related subscription boxes available, with more sprouting up each month. In fact, there’s so many you might find yourself a bit spoiled for choice, which is why we proudly present HighThere!’s list of the best weed subscription boxes.

We’ll be taking a look at several popular (again, completely legal) cannabis subscription boxes, showing off available products and options, and sharing some thoughts overall customer satisfaction for each. Let’s hop into it!

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