Amco Review of Delta farmed Revolution Luckleberries

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~ This flower strain is a 70% Indica dominate. It gets it’s genetics from Louis XIII bred to Huckleberry #8. This blend gives us a long list of terpenes. The top 5 listed by the grower online is Limonene, Beta Myrecene, Linalool, Beta Caryophyllene and Beta Pinenene. It boasts 25.9% THC and 0.04% CBD.


The look rates 9 out of 10. This eighth of an ounce sample is is a bright English pea green with buckskin colored pistils reaching through the plentiful tricombs.


The smell rates 9 out of 10. The nose on this strain is very complex. I thought for sure that with the listed terps it would smell robust, which it does. What was surprising is the Limonene is giving off a grapefruit scent but the skunk of Beta-Myrecene is still a strong aroma. I’m detecting the peppery scent of Caryophellene and a musty earthy scent. I’m not finding the smell of Pinenene though.


The cure rates 9 out of 10. Under magnification cam I was capable to see many bulbus tricomb heads on the outside if the buds. My estimate would be that about 90% of the tricombs are clouded. I only found a few amber tricombs here or there. The squeeze test only somewhat passed. It did rebound some but not to its original shape. I would say the relative humidity is a little less than optimal in my high opinion.


The taste rates a perfect 10 out of 10. The Beta-Myrcene is the first flavor to dance on my taste buds. Its quickly followed by the citrus hints from Limonene. The earthiness also followed from the smell to the taste as well. The sweet stench of these terps blend very well.


The effect is also a perfect 10 out of 10 to fit my needs. I twisted a half gram joint using an OCB Virgin paper. About half way thru it, I had to take a break to catch my breath. I feel this strain has high expansion smoke. It quickly filled my lungs and made me cough. With only a quarter gram ingested, I feel a sativa like clear head and my line of thought is focused in the euphoria. Muscle relaxation is achieved quickly. After finishing the joint I can feel the higher level of THC intoxication. I think the cure time also has a positive effect.

It was harvested on 8/26 and tested on 9/24. That’s a 29 day cure process. I’m thoroughly impressed that my muscle pain is dropped by 5 points on the pain scale and my acute nerve pain is even reduced by 4 or so points. I’m stoked I got to try this strain thanks to the compassionate care program at Little Rock’s House of Cannabis.

Overall AMCO’s High Opinion of this strain rates it 9.4 out of 10. This is an excellent pain medication and it helped to calm my PTSD symptoms. CODE AMCO for 10% off

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