NorCal Cannabis Corporation is Developing with Integrity


From seed-to-sale to production, brand improvement, distribution and retail storefronts, NorCal Cannabis Corporation is constructing a single of the most impactful cannabis ecosystems in California.

The company’s mission is basic: to bridge the roots and wealthy heritage of the cannabis market with the limitless possible readily available to providers that have an understanding of the intricacies of the business enterprise.

Founded in 2014, the group behind the NorCal Cannabis Company has far more than two decades of cannabis experience. Their concentrate is to preserve expanding the company’s ecosystem, from production to retail, branding, delivery and beyond.

NorCal’s cultivation and production facilities are developed for precise manage of every single environmental element. No matter whether it is selecting a strain or optimizing the systems necessary for the best develop, their group delivers the final results. Immediately after all, the firm yields upwards of more than twelve tons of solution annually, with the capacity to provide to 10 million clients in beneath an hour.

Norcal Cannabis Corporation has constructed an in-home portfolio of industry-major customer brands, all noted for the superior taste, aroma and consistency to meet the requirements of every single customer regardless of age, variety or stroll of life.

Occidental Hills brand represents the neighborhood of cannabis farmers that began it all and who continue to develop the legal cannabis market collectively.

Massive Al’s Exotics is a cult-favored amongst premium cannabis connoisseurs and the music industry’s elite.

With no fluff and no filter, Lolo allows cannabis shoppers to get pleasure from good quality herb at a worth. 

Deeply rooted in California’s counterculture 1Lyfe celebrating the heart of the dreamer with the drive of a hustler.

Pass It Forward donates a portion of all proceeds to communities most impacted by the War on Drugs. Each toke assists build a kinder, far more equitable future for all of us.

And now, in addition to their vast delivery network, which tends to make far more than two,000 deliveries per day, NorCal is establishing a pipeline that at the moment incorporates far more than six new dispensary web sites beneath improvement with the objective of reaching far more than 85% of California 21+ clients through retail and delivery by 2020.

From social media influencing to complete-service experiential digital production solutions, NorCal’s in-home group brings decades of Fortune 100 knowledge in communications and media exposure to these brands in the marketplace. NorCal has a buyer-initial method to retail ideas, to aid educate and invite far more shoppers to current numbers.

NorCal has frequently been cultivating its reputation and relationships in the cannabis market. They have also designed thousands of new jobs across every single portion of the provide chain, serving distributors, retailers and shoppers across California, each and every and every single day.

NorCal Cannabis Corporation is generating certain the superior operate does not cease. Immediately after all, there’s no stopping the cannabis plant and the superior it can do.

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