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Finding quality CBD products is always a challenge, considering the hemp industry is unregulated. However, there are numerous brands nowadays that a fair game, and only bring safe and pure products to market, like Select CBD.

CBD is a non-psychoactive compound from hemp, with therapeutic effects and no addictive properties. Since the federal government legalized hemp, an array of e-liquids, edibles, tincture oils and capsules with high concentrations of CBD have emerged onto the wellness scene. 

This article will focus on Select CBD’s unique products and formulas, and clear up any concerns you may have about the brand. We also have a special 10% discount just for you – so keep reading! 

Who is Select CBD?

Select CBD is an American CBD brand operating in Oregon. The West Coast state is notably pro-marijuana, having legalized medicinal and recreational use. This forward-thinking mentality makes Oregon the perfect location for a company selling hemp-derived products.

Select CBD is more than aware that the hemp and cannabis industries are in a state of flux, and that the information is always changing. This fluidity opens the door to misinformation and disinformation, which new CBD users find it difficult to wade through. 

At the heart of Select CBD’s philosophy is making quality CBD available to everyone, and improving the image of the hemp plant. We all deserve accurate information when it comes to hemp, CBD and cannabis. With this, we can take responsibility and make our own decisions, rather than being overwhelmed with fear and lies.

It’s big talk by Select CBD. So, do they stick to their promises? Let’s look more at their manufacturing methods. 

How is Select CBD oil extracted?

Frustratingly, it’s difficult to find out just how the company makes its Select CBD Drops and vape pens. There’s no clarification on their website about extraction methods, just a lot of chatter on how they only use highly-refined ingredients. 

Not being open about how their products manufactured isn’t a deal-breaker. Customers seem to love Select CBD products so they must be getting the formula just right. It’s just a shame we aren’t given additional clarity, since the company stresses how important facts and accuracy are. 

Third-party lab testing is always a good sign, and Select CBD are on-board with this. Independent analysis and certification from an external laboratory is the only way of bringing validity to a CBD company’s claims. Customers can access lab reports for their products by entering the lab and lot codes into the search box on the Select CBD website.

It’s slightly inconvenient that only actual customers can read the full lab reports. But as you can search for individual codes, this is a good sign that the brand submits all their batches to testing, bringing you up-to-date results. 

Select CBD Review 

Hemp-based CBD products are dietary supplements only. CBD is not a clinically approved medicine, and should not be taken in lieu of prescription medication. Always consult with a doctor before taking CBD or changing your treatment plan. CBD is well-tolerated, although does affect the metabolization of some drugs. This information is for educational purposes only. 

CBD may not be an officially recognized medicine. However, millions of Americans are fully on-board with CBD as a natural remedy. People take it for anxiety and stress relief, to reduce pain, manage inflammation and more. CBD’s positive effect on the endocannabinoid system (ECS) is intriguing, as few compounds can even influence this system.

CBD’s general benefits for the ECS – such as regulating mood, pain and immune system function – have led to many consuming it purely for the supplemental benefits. Not everyone takes CBD for self-medicating purposes. 

Select CBD Drops

Also known as the Select CBD Tincture, this is their standard CBD oil. Tinctures are awesome because they are extremely versatile. You could take under the tongue for lightning-fast relief, or mix it into your food or water for gradual effects. You can also apply CBD oil directly on the skin, and blend it with other serums and creams.

Select CBD Oil comes in four flavors, each of which has a special combo of essential oils. Every 30ml tincture contains 1000mg of CBD – a full dropper (one serving) delivers a hefty 33.3mg! 

Unflavored: The regular unflavored CBD oil is ideal if you want a no-frills experience, and just the pure effects of CBD. Many find tasteless products preferable to hemp-flavored tinctures, which have an earthiness about them.

This flavorless oil is also discreet – with no discernible aroma, you can easily dose up on-the-go. 

Peppermint: These drops have a refreshing, icy flavor, and leave a pleasant aftertaste. The Peppermint Tincture has the same hemp-derived CBD extract and MCT oil combo, but also a proprietary blend of ashwagandha, rhodiola, stevia and peppermint essential oils.

Lemon & Ginger: Enjoy your CBD with a kick. This Lemon & Ginger tincture is zesty and zingy, and will help revitalize you for the rest of the day. The CBD and MCT oil combines with lemon essential oil, ginger, stevia and turmeric herbs.

Lavender: Get a heightened level of relaxation with the Lavender tincture oil. Lavender has well-documented soothing effects, helping to combat pain and ease anxiety. These calming drops are brilliant after a testing day, when all you want to do is chill out. 

Select CBD Pen

Vaping CBD provides maximum efficiency. It’s the joint-fastest way to benefit from CBD, and many times healthier than smoking. Select CBD Pens contain 125mg or 250mg of legal, hemp-derived extract, along with fractionated coconut oil and a dash of natural essences.

These disposable pens are more convenient than regular e-liquid vaping. They’re ready to vape right out of the box and work via draw-activated firing. No buttons to press, or safety mechanisms to unlock! These single-use disposable pens only activate when you’re inhaling.

Select CBD use innovative ceramic core technology, which ensures all the e-liquid is heated at the same rate, improving vapor quality. Every puff from one of these pens releases 1 or 2mg of CBD, depending on which strength you have. 

Disposables are super-convenient, and great if you have a busy lifestyle and don’t have time to mess around refilling, recharging and maintaining your vape. Select CBD has a broad selection of vape pens for sale, which have varying effects.

Relax (Cinnamon): Put your mind and body at ease with Relax, an immersive vape pen from Select CBD. You’ll love to indulge in the delightful cinnamon flavors as you rest and recuperate for challenges ahead. It’s a great vape pen for the evenings, and to alleviate pain and discomfort.

Focus (Spearmint): We all get days where we just can’t focus and get tasks completed. Whether it’s a set of physical or mental challenges in front of you, this invigorating Focus vape pen will guide you towards a calm, yet alert state. The refreshing blast of spearmint is a bonus!

Revive (Grapefruit): The Revive pen promotes a calm state of mind, but gives you the energy you need to get stuff done. The fruity flavors are great for clearing away stresses and worries. Revive is a good pen for the mornings, and also as a pick-me-up in the afternoons. 

CBD for Cats and Dogs by Select CBD 

Humans are benefitting from CBD, and it’s time these therapeutic properties were passed onto our pets. Select CBD’s range of pet drops are suitable for dogs and cats. Just remember that your furry friends should only be treated with pet-specific products, such as these oils. 

CBD products manufactured for humans may contain ingredients that your dog or cat’s sensitive system cannot tolerate. Pet products have a special formula that is completely safe for pet consumption.

Select CBD Pet Drops contain a fairly high-strength 750mg CBD extract. At, we stock an unflavored tincture, and four flavored oils: Bacon, Chicken, Salmon and Peanut Butter. With these delicious flavors, your pet won’t even realize it’s their new treatment!

You can give your pet CBD oil directly, but that only works if they’ll stay still long enough and allow you to do so! We know it’s not always as simple as that for pet owners. If your cat and dog keeps wriggling free, mix it in with their water or wet food.

There are no precise dosage guidelines for any CBD product. However, the unwritten rule is to give larger pets a higher dose. A full dropper of these Pet Drops holds 25mg of CBD, which is a fairly big serving. Feel free to reduce this for small pets.

Select CBD Boost Capsules 

Still not sure if CBD is right for you? Find vape pens, edibles and tinctures a little overwhelming as a way to take it? Maybe start with CBD capsules, if you’re used to taking supplements. These capsules are consumed the same way as any other vitamins and minerals, orally and with a glass of water. 

Select CBD Boost Capsules have a fairly slow onset of effects, but the sluggish start is more than made up for with a longer overall experience than that provided by vape pens and tincture oils. CBD becomes active in the blood after the capsule is digested, and the cannabinoids are absorbed and metabolized.

What’s so special about Boost Capsules? These are meant to lift your energy levels, hence the infusion of yerba mate and moringa. Every tub contains 30 softgel capsules, with 1000mg of CBD in total (33.3mg of CBD per capsule), and 75mg of yerba mate and moringa per capsule, all mixed into coconut oil.

CBD capsules are excellent if you don’t like hemp’s natural flavor, and want a completely discreet CBD product. You can keep these in your bag, in your office drawer or take them in public, all without attracting attention. 

Can you vape Select CBD Drops?

No. Select CBD Drops is a tincture oil product, that must be taken sublingually or orally. This product is not formulated for vaping. It could possibly have ingredients that are totally safe in their regular state, but potentially dangerous when heated and inhaled. 

And it’s not just that: vaping with an improper product could cause irreversible damage to your equipment. If vaping is your thing, check out the premium collection of Select CBD Pens. 

Does Select CBD Oil make you high?

No. The Select CBD Tincture is a totally non-intoxicating product. Hemp and cannabis may be very similar in terms of aroma and appearance, but the compound makeup couldn’t be more different. Cannabis contains lots of psychoactive THC, whereas hemp is teeming with CBD, and has hardly any THC.

Select CBD products consist of either CBD-isolate or broad-spectrum extracts. By law, their finished oils must have less than 0.3% THC. This strict threshold stops hemp-derived products from being used recreationally, like for getting “high.” 

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Thank you for reading our blog, and this article about Select CBD. The blog is updated regularly, as we review the best CBD brands and product types on sale today. We also keep up to speed with all the important CBD research, and present complex concepts to you in easy-to-digest bitesize chunks.

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Final thoughts 

Select CBD has clearly put a lot of thought into their image, and are trying to address the confusion and misunderstandings that are so common in the hemp market. They go a long way to correcting those, with innovative products that don’t just feature CBD, but other vital essential oils.

More information about how Select CBD manufactures its products would be appreciated.  But third-party lab testing and full ingredient lists certainly allay our concerns. Adding fractionated coconut oil (MCT oil) to many of their extracts is another big plus. 

Select CBD gets the thumbs up from us, and we’re glad to stock their products at Enjoyed this Select CBD review? Leave a comment, and let us know your thoughts!


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