Balancing Your Chakras with Cannabis


Balancing your Chakras with Cannabis

Cannabis is a plant with numerous healing properties. For this explanation, it is noticed by the non-classic healers as holistic. On a physical level, numerous biological processes get initiated when marijuana is consumed. When it is made use of for spiritual purposes, in meditation or with a distinct concentrate, it also initiates particular processes. Several think it is extremely closely connected to spiritual awakening. This really should not be confused with religion or religious practices, but rather with the flow of power via the physique that creates consciousness.

This brings us to our chakras. For these not confident what chakras are, chakras act as power portals of the physical and energetic bodies. In Sanskrit, currently extra than 7000 years ago, it was referred to as wheels, describing the rotating movement of the power circles. We have 7 chakras that are aligned from the leading of the head to the bottom of the backbone. Each and every of these chakras represents diverse emotional, physical, and spiritual qualities in the physique. If any of these chakras are blocked, it leads to imbalances that finish up in illnesses in the physique and the thoughts.


How does Cannabis Correspond to the Chakras?

Reflecting back to Sanskrit, in Ayurveda (Indian method of classic medicine), cannabis signifies “curer of all diseases”. Now we are all conscious of the magic cannabis renders currently in the health-related globe, and with a name like this, you comprehend why for so numerous years currently cannabis is viewed as a sacred plant in India. Cannabis, like all living issues, make particular flows of power. This power vibrates with the 7 chakras in our bodies and permits a improved flow of power.


What occurs to the Chakras when we smoke weed?

When smoking marijuana, the chakras open wider. It was discovered that it opens up to four inches wider due to the fact of higher vibration when we smoke. Larger power vibration lets us really feel happier and friendlier. This constructive power aids us to deal with emotional challenges and creativity. The chemical and electrical info in the plant contributes to the all round state of calmness in the thoughts and physique. Eventually, a happier individual is a extra balanced individual and for that reason a healthier individual.


The correlation with every Chakra to Cannabis

As described above, there are 7 most important chakras and every a single has a distinct function. One particular of the functions is to channel power to the corresponding locations in the physique. When the chakras are healthier, the all round situation of the physique is fantastic. Cannabis strives to bring homeostasis to the physique and is therefore fantastic to assistance the physique to restore power levels.

Let us appear at the 7 chakras and the cannabis strains finest for them:


Chakra 1 or Root Chakra – The colour related with the root chakra is red. It is the representation of our foundation and let us really feel grounded. When this chakra is balanced, you really feel secure and safe. Your simple wants like shelter, meals, and water are taken care of. An imbalanced root chakra brings anxiousness and a feeling of instability. You can knowledge symptoms of worry and physical challenges with the digestive method, decrease back, or circulation in the legs or feet. Ideal cannabis strains are heavier Indica strains like Grand Daddy Purple and Midnight. This cannabis strains are higher in linalool (terpene) that has a lavender tone.


Chakra two or the Sacral Chakra- The sacral chakra is primarily based amongst the navel and pubic bone. It relates to creativity, sexuality, and feelings. Its colour is vibrant orange and it corresponds to the reproductive method as nicely as feeling alive. An imbalanced sacral chakra will let you really feel depressed and stuck. It also lets you endure from addiction and sexual challenges. If you are getting challenges with creativity, this chakra could be blocked. Relaxing and clear-headed Indica strains like Berry White is fantastic to unblock this chakra.


Chakra three or the Solar Plexus Chakra- The sunny yellow colour of this chakra is discovered just beneath the naval. It relates to willpower, self-assurance, and discipline. When you really feel out of manage or goalless, this chakra is out of balance. Hybrids like XJ-13 or the Sativa strand Green Crack are recommendable to open this chakra.


Chakra four or the Heart Chakra- This chakra has an emerald green colour and as its name predicts, has to do with forgiveness, openness, and compassion. When you knowledge challenges with relationships and self-like or getting feelings of rage and anger, even hatred, this chakra wants to be unblocked. Overall health challenges with the lungs and heart also relate to this chakra. Even hybrids like Sage and Blue Bubble are fantastic for this chakra.


Chakra five or the Throat Chakra – This chakra has to do with self-expression and clear communication. The colour of this chakra is sky blue. It also demands you to be capable to listen to other individuals. When this chakra is out of balance, you could have a really hard time to make choices or speak your thoughts. The hybrid White Widow is a best match for this chakra.


Chakra six or the Third Eye Chakra – Wisdom and intuition is the bottom line of this chakra. It has an indigo colour and connects to your larger sources of Spirituality. Brain fog, confusion, and a sense of uncertainty is a side-impact of an imbalanced Third eye Chakra. Right here, a larger THC strain like Diesel, or Harlequin that has a low THC but larger CBD content material, could assistance.


Chakra 7 or the Crown Chakra – The Crown Chakra is positioned on leading of the head and is the connection to the Spiritual globe. It is represented as violet or clear colour. It focusses on consciousness and pure potentiality. Euphoric and clear-headed strains like Jack Right here is extremely fantastic for this chakra. A meditation with pure CBD would also function just fine.



The ancient recognition of cannabis as a holistic plant is eminent in the expertise for applying it as a complementary remedy for healing and balancing your chakras. A best balance of spirit, physique, and thoughts tends to make a content and content material individual.









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