Kushy Punch Accused of Creating Pesticide Laden Gummies and Vapes


California licensed cannabis organization, Kushy Punch, was raided final week for allegations of manufacturing black industry goods. Gummies and disposable vape cartridges have been seized from the Canoga Park facility.

Kushy Punch produces medicinal and recreational cannabis goods such as gummies, vape cartridges, disposable vapes, and an array of CBD goods. Kushy Punch goods are only legally readily available in California.

A tip led the Bureau of Cannabis Manage to serve a search warrant of the facility on October 3rd. The bureau seized Kushy Punch branded gummies and vape cartridges from the facility.

“Investigators confiscated thousands of illegal vape carts worth millions of dollars,” Alex Traverso told Leafly.

According to many reports on the allegations and raid, Kushy Punch was operating out of two facilities in Los Angeles. A single facility housed state compliant processing, using cannabis that has passed testing needs.

The other facility, 8427 Canoga Ave. in Canoga Park, was processing cannabis that may perhaps not have passed state pesticide requirements. The supply claims the facility was employing cannabis oil with heavy levels of pesticides. The cannabis goods processed at the Kushy Punch Canoga Park facility have been then allegedly sold via the black industry.

Kushy Punch vape cartridges that have been confiscated by officials in Canoga Park.

CEO Ruben Cross told Ganjapreneur that the allegations are false, adding, “BCC went into an old storage warehouse and discovered two-year-old disposable vapes with dead batteries than have been off the industry even ahead of regulations came about and they assumed we are promoting vapes to the black industry.”

Bureau of Cannabis Manage spokesperson Alex Traverso stated, “If this is one thing we’re seeing linked back to somebody who has a license I would be shocked if they had a license substantially longer.”

The solution seized from the Canoga Park facility will be tested and the BCC will appear into ties amongst the facility and Kushy Punch.

“The Kushy Punch investigation is nevertheless ongoing. We do not have any additional comments to offer at this time,” Aaron Francis of the DCA told Candid Chronicle.

Photos through Leafly, supplied the CA Division of Customer Affairs.



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