four Vape Options to Get You By way of the Short-term Ban


Right here at Revolutionary Clinics, we know a lot of our sufferers are frustrated, confused and angry about the 4 month ban on all vape merchandise that went into impact on September 24. Even though we appreciate the concern for public security that inspired this action from our nearby government, we stand behind the top quality and security of our merchandise. This pledge applies to all of the vape cartridges and disposable vape pens that we manufacture at our personal facilities or acquire from vendors we’ve vetted and trust.

The CDC itself is unclear what is causing the wellness issues and the dozen deaths in ten states. Cannabis company publications suspect the unethical addition of Vitamin E acetate in merchandise created by unregulated suppliers. These unregulated manufactures use Vitamin E acetate as an low-cost additive to dilute the cartridge without having compromising the vaporization method. As a supplement, Vitamin E is beneficial but when vaporized and inhaled deep into the lungs, Vitamin E sooner or later returns to its oils state exactly where it harms lung cells and causes shortness of breath.

Even though the CDC investigates this theory and other people to clarify the sudden escalation in vaping-connected wellness issues, Revolutionary Clinics will comply with this short-term ban regardless of our steadfast conviction that our merchandise are secure.

In the meantime, we want to remind our vaping sufferers of the lots of diverse consumption options we have out there at our dispensaries. Let’s commence with a refresher of why vaping has develop into your preferred process of ingestion – strong medicine that operates speedy. Even though your organic inclination will be to go back to flower or pre-rolls, you are going to be happier with merchandise that mirror the speed and potency of vaping. For that explanation, we propose:


At Revolutionary Clinics, we generate our personal concentrates below the X-trates brand in the kind of shatter, wax and distillate oil. Concentrates are a bit much more sophisticated than vape merchandise but our Patient Advocates will be delighted to guide you by means of the diverse approaches to use them. For instance, verify out some of the diverse glass bubblers we carry that are ideally suited for concentrates:

Andrew Elk and Glass Bubblers from Revolutionary Clinics on Vimeo.

Through your go to, we’ll also make positive you comprehend how substantially much more potent concentrates are than the vape merchandise you are utilized to consuming. Most concentrates include at least 40% THC and some have up to 80%. That is strong medicine that you will want a program to consume in order to make certain a very good medicating expertise. Due to the fact they’re so substantially much more potent, concentrates also have a larger effect on your rolling 60-day allotment.  That tends to make it even much more essential to function out a consumption program with one particular of our Patient Advocates so you do not run out of medicine just before you hit your 10 ounce limit.

Solventless concentrates

The distinction involving typical concentrates and solventless concentrates is a bit like the distinction involving typical create and organic create – it is all about how it is produced.  All typical concentrates call for a solvent like butane, propane or ethanol in order to extract the THC from the cannabis plant matter. With solventless concentrates, the THC is extracted without having the use of any solvents. For instance, kief is the crystal-like material that types on the resin glands of the cannabis bud. We painstakingly separate the kief from the bud mainly because it is naturally concentrated in THC. As we stated earlier, conventional flower will not be as potent as the vaping merchandise you are utilized to but sprinkling some kief into a bowl or applying it to a preroll will provide a higher impact. Other solventless concentrate possibilities incorporate rosin and hash which are produced with a mixture of heat and stress.


We know what you are pondering, there’s no way an edible is going to match the immediate impact of vaping. That is correct, but edibles also give you a wide variety of medication possibilities, each for flavor and texture as properly as potency. We present a tasty lineup of fruit chews, lozenges, spreads and chocolate bars that are as enjoyable to consume as they are productive. Let one particular of our Patient Advocates inform you how you can use edibles for micro-dosing all through the day as properly as superdosing with added strength edibles. They could develop into a scrumptious portion of your therapy program even just after the four-month vape ban expires.

Fast Onset

If you are not prepared to wait for the effects of the edibles we just pointed out above, tinctures and drinks may possibly provide the speed you are searching for. Considering that they’re in liquid kind, your digestive method processes them more quickly than strong edibles.  Our Mile 62 pods function THC-infused coffee and apple cider – fantastic for crisp, fall days. Taken sublingually (below your tongue), our MXR tinctures are even more quickly and are out there in uplift and sleep formulas that could be productive options to vaping.

Like you, we want the short-term vape ban wasn’t taking place and we’re carrying out anything we can to advocate for our sufferers as properly as the security of our merchandise. In the meantime, we’ll stick to the letter of the law and do anything we can to connect you with option merchandise that can enable you retain your therapy program as correctly as doable. If you have inquiries you’d like us to answer just before you come into one particular of our dispensaries, please use the kind on our internet site. As normally, we’re right here to enable!


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