What if a single of the “Massive Tobacco” organizations got collectively and decided to release thousands of poisonous THC carts into the industry in order to bring about these “vaping associated illnesses”? Certainly they knew it would bring about mass panic which would bring about most people today to totally ignore the… : Vaping


… truth that an overwhelming majority (like 80-85%?) admitted to making use of THC and the other 15-20% just did not admit to it. I really feel like a couple of executives could have been sitting in their offices deciding how to repair their declining income and a single of them stated “properly, we could fuck some people today up”. I imply, I know I am reaching, but it is not unheard of, ideal? They have manage more than our media, and if you have noticed, it is pretty uncommon to discover an write-up that highlights the truth that these circumstances had been practically all associated to THC. Most of the articles adhere to a equivalent path: They just briefly mention the THC, roughly two/three of the way down the write-up. That appears sort of… Odd, ideal?

I imply, “Massive Tobacco” (and I use this term so that I never acquire a C&ampD must this blow up) not only has energy in the media, they have a hand in the vaping business enterprise, such as THC. All of the pieces of the puzzle match, and the only point lacking is motive. Oh. Wait, no, we have that also! Earnings are down. In truth, income are breaking records for how considerably they are decreasing. It is the cigocalypse and they are freaking the fuck out attempting to figure out how to keep relevant.

Appear, y’all. I know I am reaching difficult, but look at this… We are speaking about people today who actually manage the industry relating to the major preventable bring about of death in the complete planet. They do not give a shit about 100 people today dying, 1,000 people today dying. They never care. They indirectly kill millions of people today each and every year who acquire their goods, which they commit billions of dollars per year advertising and marketing. In 2017 they spent $10 BILLION just on advertising and marketing alone. My point is that they never give a shit if people today die, so why would they have a dilemma with destroying the lungs of a handful of teen vapers? It supports their agenda, and if you notice, it has fucking worked. States are banning E-cigs. Outlawing vaping beneath the guise of “saving the youngsters”, when genuinely, the motive is far far more sinister and comes from Massive Tobacco: It is to drive these of us who quit cigarettes, with vaping, ideal back into the arms of the cigarette business. Alas, income rise and their largest (and only accurate competitors in history) dies. They are fighting a technological advancement that would make their industry totally irrelevant. This vaping crisis is not random, it is manufactured, and it is a war.


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