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With the legalization of cannabis, far more persons are making use of dabs, but as it moves from the fringe into the mainstream, far more persons are becoming interested in dabbing for each well being and recreational purposes. 

We have a weblog about the advantages of dabs to clarify what dabbing is as nicely as how this kind of smoking cannabis is diverse from other procedures such as vaping. Dabs are smoked in devices related to bongs, but dab-rigs are applied on waxes and oil, and bongs are applied for dry items.

What to Shop Your Dabs In

Picking what to use for storage may well be down to what ever is offered at the time, or private preference. Right here are some suggestions as to what you need to retailer your dabs in.


This is the standard storage process for dabs. Parchment is non-stick, so that you will not shed any item on the wrapping. Wrap it up and fold the paper more than a number of instances to maintain it as air-tight as attainable. Prevent crushing this item or tear the paper, since this will harm the dab.

Glass Jars

Glass jars are a safer way to defend your item.  Most dispensaries use glass containers with tamper-proof plastic lids.  The difficulty with these is that the dab can at times stick to the glass.  Also, you can only invest in as a great deal as the glass jar will hold, creating bigger purchases tough. 

Silicone Containers

Silicone containers are a fantastic option. They are powerful sufficient to defend the dab, and nothing at all will stick to them, guaranteeing you do not waste any item. The downside is, once more, that they are usually smaller.  This limits your buy quantity in a related way to glass containers.

Exactly where to Shop Your Dabs

Not only do you require to defend your dabs from harm, but you also require to maintain them in the very best attainable situation. The two primary enemies of dab storage are heat and light, but they do not like to be also cold either!  It sounds a tiny difficult, but it is not.

You will also come across a space to maintain a smaller dab tool if you want to. When searching for containers to maintain your dabs and tools, you need to opt for smaller wooden chests with dividers so that almost everything can be organized and stored independently. Ideally, your stash box will be massive sufficient to hold not only your tools and dabs but also match your dab-rig.

Maintain your dabs someplace cool, dark, and dry. By no means maintain them in the freezer, it is also cold. If you pick to maintain them in the refrigerator, be cautious, it is not also cold either. Try to remember, even if the containers are sealed, any airspace will make condensation in the cold. Moisture will harm your dab just as swiftly as also a great deal heat.


If you are new to dab buy and storage, take a tiny time to come across out how very best to maintain your item in the very best attainable situation. Adhere to the standard suggestions above and maintain your dabs protected from harm, heat, and moisture.  

The net has some excellent data about this subject, almost everything from the advantages of smoking hash oils to exactly where to invest in diverse items associated to dabs.


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