Bud Rot ? Outdoors..what to do !!


Hey all ! The finish is approaching and we’ve been acquiring shitty temperature in the previous 10 days (canada) and the plants got cold and the soil stays wet.

I have these two :
LSD strain :
-FoxFarm ocean mix soil for my 2x “five” gallon buckets
-Solo-Tek Develop six-three-7 in the course of Veg cycle
-FloraNova Bloom considering the fact that 2nd week into flower at two.5ml/liter. Providing 10 ml each and every feed each couple of days.
-Will finish with some KoolBloom Rippening prior to harvest.

I gave four instances the Kool Bloom rippening in the…

Bud Rot ? Outdoors..what to do !!

October 07, 2019 at 06:42PM

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