Leafly Introduces New Visual Language for Cannabis


SEATTLE–(Small business WIRE)–Leafly, the world’s top cannabis resource, currently introduced the Leafly Cannabis Guide, a new visual language that redefines the way individuals have an understanding of cannabis and locate the feelings and effects they want. The Leafly Cannabis Guide represents a considerable expansion of the language of cannabis — going beyond indica, sativa and hybrid — to leverage the most current scientific understanding of the plant. Working with lab-sourced information and proprietary generative style software program coupled with extra than a million buyer-generated testimonials, Leafly is assisting individuals opt for cannabis with extra self-confidence.

The Leafly Cannabis Guide simplifies exploration of cannabis strains for customers via flower-like visualizations that deliver a simple way to discover the complexity of cannabis. It makes use of effortlessly recognizable shapes to illustrate every single strain’s dominant cannabinoid profile — circles for CBD and diamonds for THC — and makes use of vibrant colors to illustrate flavors and aromas that come from terpenes. In the end, this exclusive mixture of information and buyer-generated testimonials will imply that any person, regardless of cannabis expertise, can speedily apply important information and facts such as cannabinoid profiles, potency, dominant terpenes, and buyer-reported effects, so they can locate the most effective solution for their demands and reduce surprises.

The new Leafly Cannabis Guide can be located on the newly rebranded Leafly.com and on the Leafly app.

Cannabis has exclusive physiological effects for every single of us. As our understanding of cannabis grows, so does our require for a extra sophisticated, however intuitive language to support individuals navigate the pretty individual effects cannabis has,” stated Leafly CEO Tim Leslie. “While indica, sativa, and hybrid are a beginning point for understanding cannabis, this type of categorization does not take benefit of our expanding understanding of the effects of the several compounds located inside the plant. With the Leafly Cannabis Guide, our group of Leafly scientists and visual designers have distilled this all down to an intuitive visual language that will support individuals have an understanding of cannabis far better and locate the suitable cannabis for their demands, regardless of whether enjoyment or wellness. It is an thrilling step forward for these searching for cannabis.”

The Leafly Cannabis Guide is created attainable via Leafly’s partnership with top labs to supply precise information, providing customers self-confidence that a cannabis strain’s chemical composition is what’s indicated by the visual flowers — i.e., what they see is what they are probably to get. Leafly scientists worked with a group of pick labs, which includes Self-confidence Analytics in Washington, SC Labs of California, CannTest of Alaska, ChemHistory in Oregon, MCS in Florida, PSI Labs in Michigan, and Anandia in Canada. Leafly will announce extra trusted lab partners later this year.

“One of the terrific added benefits of legalization is the chance to extra totally study and have an understanding of the effects of cannabis and the exclusive chemical compounds that influence our expertise,” stated Nick Jikomes, Ph.D., Leafly’s principal study scientist. “We created the Leafly Cannabis Guide to give absolutely everyone the capability to visualize, discover, and apply information and facts about the astounding diversity of this plant. We’re embracing complexity although giving simplicity — and have produced the most extensive way to discover cannabis strains however. We’re excited to see the techniques customers, retailers, physicians, scientists and other people will use it to evolve the conversation about cannabis.”

Take a look at Leafly to discover the new Leafly Cannabis Guide, and to discover extra about the flower visualizations and how to use them.


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