MARA Skincare Founder Allison McNamara on Using CBD for Sleep Benefits


Allison McNamara is a former beauty editor, current social media influencer, and the founder of MARA Skincare. In a recent interview with the Evening Standard, she shared about herself, her brand, and had a bit to say about CBD as well.

Her sleep routine includes CBD. She stated the following:

‘”I try and stay off my phone at least 15 minutes before I get into bed and keep my phone on Do Not Disturb while I sleep. I write in my gratitude journal and then sometimes try and read a book. I also am a big fan of CBD and love Lord Jones gummies for when I really need to wind down. If I’m having a really tough time, I’ll pop an Olly Beauty Sleep gummy. “

Like many other CBD products, CBD gummies may provide men and women with the support that they need to wind down and to fall asleep easily. Those who are looking for CBD gummies have a wide-range of options available and can opt for the flavor profiles and qualities that work well for them and their needs. There are also some nifty guides available that users can tap into to find quality gummies. For more information visit


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