Increasing Setnatur’s Golden Teacher mushrooms


Amongst Alchimiaweb’s magic mushrooms give, we have the mushroom develop kits by Setnatur, a brand specialized in the production of mycelium (mycological seeds). Many years of really hard perform have permitted Setnatur to get higher-top quality magic mushrooms mycelia, and their catalogue presently delivers up to 10 strains of pure mycelium.

Inside these 10 strains, there are some magic mushrooms as well-liked as the renowned Mexican, Thai or Colombian. You can also obtain extremely strong strains such as MC Kennaii, only appropriate for seasoned psychonauts. Nowadays we are going to examine in extra detail the cultivation, drying, and preservation of 1 of the most exciting and well-liked strains, Golden Teacher.

Golden Teacher magic mushrooms

How to use Setnatur Golden Teacher magic mushrooms Develop Kit

For the cultivation and effective harvest of Golden Teacher magic mushrooms, you will have to have to develop a favourable atmosphere for them to develop: higher humidity of about 80%, and a continual temperature of about 23 degrees Celsius.

To attain this optimum atmosphere, the Golden Teacher mushrooms develop kit comes with all the important accessories apart from the mushroom substrate: a plastic develop bag with micro-perforations for breathing, and a couple of metal clips to close the bag.

The preparation is extremely straightforward: initial, open the container and eliminate the lid (save it, do not throw it away). It is extremely significant to leave the substrate inside the plastic container through the complete crop. After opened, moisten the substrate with mineral water. It is advisable to hydrate it abundantly by spraying the mineral water more than the mycelium.

After hydrated, get the particular develop bag and pour a couple of glasses of mineral water into in. Location the plastic container inside the bag. The water shouldn’t attain the prime of the container, as it mustn’t come into get in touch with with the substrate. In the case of higher environmental humidity, you can forego this step and just location mycelium inside the bag.

The plastic bag with the container needs to stay in a horizontal position now, at a stable temperature and away from direct sunlight

The plastic bag with the container demands to keep in a horizontal position now, at a steady temperature and away from direct sunlight

The subsequent step consists in folding the opening of the bag a couple of occasions, and putting each clips, 1 on every side, to safe the bag. The develop bag’s micro-perforations shouldn’t be obstructed when carrying out this.

Lay the bag with the mushrooms substrate on a horizontal and steady spot, so every little thing is firm and settled. The mushrooms substrate demands to get some daylight, but not straight. Ideally, the bag ought to be positioned in a corner or behind a window. The place of the bag demands to have a steady temperature of about 23ºC.

After every little thing is in location, you just have to wait for the mycelium to fructify, and ventilate the bag each day by opening it for a couple of minutes, so the substrate can breathe and the air gets exchanged. Based on the environmental circumstances, the initial mushroom could take amongst 7 and 20 days to sprout. Low temperatures and a lack of humidity are the primary things that ordinarily delay the formation of the initial mushrooms.

After the fruiting is underway, you will have some mushrooms prepared to harvest just after just a couple of days (two-four days, based on the strain and the expanding atmosphere). The Setnatur Golden Teacher mushrooms took 9 days to begin fruiting, and just after 3 extra days, there had been extra than 25 mushrooms prepared to harvest.

Increasing Setnatur Golden Teacher magic mushrooms in a plastic propagator

The method and outcome of mushrooms cultivation in a plant propagator is essentially the very same as with the develop kit we’ve just observed a modest enclosed space with higher humidity (80%) and a steady temperature of about 23ºC, fruiting just after five-10 days, and getting harvested about two-four days just after fruiting.

Let’s begin the set up with the installation of the modest plastic propagator. If it is equipped with a thermostat, set this at a temperature amongst 20 and 24 degrees Celsius. If you have a thermo-hygrometer with probe, this will be extremely easy to manage and adjust the temperature and the humidity.

One of the main advantages of growing magic mushrooms in a propagator is that the environment is easier to control

1 of the primary positive aspects of expanding magic mushrooms in a propagator is that the atmosphere is less difficult to manage

Get rid of the lid of the propagator and pour three-4cm of mineral water on the tray. Then, take the mycelium container and eliminate the lid (do not throw it away), location the substrate inside the propagator, and moisten it by working with a sprayer with mineral water.

If the plastic lid has some ventilation slots, you will have to have to adjust the opening till there’s a steady humidity of about 80%. Open the lid each day for a couple of minutes to renew the air inside.

Harvest and additional fructification

The optimal time for harvesting the mushrooms is suitable just before the opening of the veil that covers the hymenium, which is positioned inside the cap and includes the spores.

After the veil is open, the spores will be released, an action effortlessly recognized due to the fact the mycelium turns black as a consequence. This will not influence a lot the harvest in regards to its effects, but it could contaminate the substrate by stopping additional fructification.

Bigger mushrooms do not have a extra strong impact. On the contrary, modest and medium-sized mushrooms have a greater concentration of psilocybin. Hence, it is finest to harvest them as they attain a height of five-7cm. supplied that their veil is broken and the spores released.

Once the substrate has been rehydrated it will be ready for a second harvest, even a third one

After the substrate has been rehydrated it will be prepared for a second harvest, even a third 1

Leading choose the mushrooms, give the stems a gentle tug to separate the volva (the base of the mushroom) from the substrate. Under no circumstances reduce them or leave traces of mushrooms in the substrate, as this could contaminate the mycelium. When it stops or slows down its fruition of new mushrooms, you will have to have to hydrate it after once again, but this time, in a unique way:

Get rid of the substrate from the develop bag or propagator and clean its surface to get rid of any impurities that may possibly have remained just after the initial fruiting. Fill the container with water without having enabling it to overflow do this extremely gradually and use mineral water, and quit when it is about to overflow.

Cover the container with its lid and location it in the fridge (four-7ºC) for a minimum of 12 hours. Following this period, lift the corner of the lid and drain the water that hasn’t been absorbed, eliminate the lid, and location the container inside the bag or the propagator.

After rehydrated, the substrate will be prepared for a new batch, and you almost certainly will be in a position to execute the very same operation after extra, acquiring a third harvest!

Drying and storing Golden Teacher mushrooms.

In order to preserve the mushrooms, initial you will have to have to dry them. To commence with, you have to obtain a location appropriate for this method: dark, with a temperature of about 20 degrees Celsius, airy (if this is not the case, you can use a modest fan), and with low humidity.

After you have the suitable location to dry your mushrooms, get a tray or a huge plate to location them evenly spread. It is significant that the mushrooms are not touching every other nor piled up. You can location a napkin or paper towel amongst the tray and the mushrooms, to assist absorb moisture.

For optimal drying, the Golden Teacher mushrooms should be evenly spread on a flat surface, with a piece of paper towel between the surface and the mushrooms to help absorb the moisture

For optimal drying, the Golden Teacher mushrooms ought to be evenly spread on a flat surface, with a piece of paper towel amongst the surface and the mushrooms to assist absorb the moisture

Beneath the suitable circumstances, your magic mushrooms will be dry and prepared to be stored in a week or 10 days. The finest way to shop them is inside tightly closed mason jars. After you have the mushrooms in the jars, shop them in a cool and dark location, such as the refrigerator.

In optimal circumstances, the mushrooms can final for numerous years when retaining the psychoactive effects of psilocybin. The finest way to consume them is in a organic open space, without having uneven or rugged terrain, and generally accompanied by an individual with knowledge in this variety of trips.

We leave you with this exciting video tutorial on Setnatur mushroom cultivation (notice you have English subtitles accessible in the config menu):


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