Cultivating Wellness: A CBD User Survey


Who is working with CBD and why?

In spite of the big public interest in CBD items, and an endless stream of media stoking that fire, there have been restricted efforts to figure out specifically how and why folks are working with this darling compound of the cannabis globe.

In early 2019 Project CBD started collecting responses to a survey we made to figure out who is working with CBD, how and why folks are working with CBD, what types of items they are consuming, and no matter whether or not CBD is operating for them. The evaluation in this report (readily available in its entirety right here) covers an eight-month period and encompasses more than 3500 responses.

The survey asked about CBD’s effect on six excellent of life measurements: discomfort, mood, sleep, physical function, power or motivation, and the capability to socialize. A majority of participants reported some improvement across all measures, but the most substantial have been in the locations of discomfort and mood.

Of excellent interest have been the efficacy reports for certain circumstances. The survey elicited info about 17 distinct circumstances for which CBD is occasionally utilized, like:

  • alcoholism/addiction
  • ADD or ADHD
  • Alzheimer’s illness
  • autism spectrum disorder
  • brain injury (e.g. stroke, TBI, tumor)
  • cancer
  • diabetes
  • epilepsy and other seizure problems
  • gastrointestinal illness (e.g. Colitis, Crohn’s, IBS)
  • depression
  • anxiousness and other mood problems
  • motion sickness
  • discomfort
  • Parkinson’s illness
  • hormonal circumstances (e.g. PMS, menopause)
  • several sclerosis
  • PTSD
  • sleep challenges

The survey asked what kind or stage of illness the particular person had (e.g., kind 1 or kind two diabetes), and how they felt CBD impacted their symptoms.

This observational study validated some nicely-established information about CBD – namely that it has a robust security profile, and it is incredibly efficient at ameliorating discomfort and anxiousness. Participants reported substantial improvements in discomfort and mood regardless of the underlying health-related situation.

That mentioned, the study also showed that CBD is not a panacea for all that ails us. Some symptoms have been decidedly significantly less responsive to CBD items. For instance, CBD was not especially helpful in assisting folks with gastrointestinal illnesses preserve a wholesome weight. Nor did it have a lot of an effect on PMS-connected bloating, cancer-connected diarrhea and constipation, or low sex drive in the course of menopause.

Nonetheless, CBD was efficient in basically producing folks really feel improved – most most likely simply because of its optimistic effect on discomfort, mood, and sleep.

The survey also located that there have been handful of adverse effects, which is constant with research displaying that CBD is secure and nicely-tolerated even at higher doses.

Study Complete Report

Examples of some noteworthy findings:

  • Primarily based on this survey, it seems that the common CBD user is white, nicely-educated, more than 45, female, and from the U.S. This may possibly reflect the reality that the two most prevalent circumstances for which participants reported working with CBD – discomfort and anxiousness – have an effect on ladies disproportionately.
  • Practically two-thirds of survey respondents have been more than the age of 44, and virtually 20% have been seniors more than the age of 64. This obtaining may possibly be a reflection of CBD’s reputation for treating discomfort and sleep challenges, ailments that are most widespread amongst the elderly.
  • Participants have been extra most likely to be working with CBD from hemp rather than cannabis (this is unsurprising provided that the latter is nonetheless illegal in quite a few components of the globe) and they tended to favor CBD tinctures and topicals more than regular modes of taking cannabis (smoking and edibles). They usually utilized CBD items several occasions per day and utilized extra than 1 kind of item, most usually a tincture with a topical.
  • Relating to dosage, handful of participants have been capable to say how a lot CBD (or THC) they have been taking, suggesting an urgent require for each improved item labeling and customer education.
  • Most participants have been working with CBD for extra than 1 situation, and there was a notable clustering of specific circumstances.  Discomfort, mood problems, and sleep challenges correlated closely. A substantial quantity of participants working with CBD for discomfort reported suffering from fibromyalgia and/or arthritis although they have been not asked particularly about these circumstances. There was also a notable correlation among addiction and ADD/ADHD, and addiction and PTSD participants who have been working with CBD for ADD/ADHD or PTSD have been 3 occasions extra most likely than the typical participant to be working with CBD for alcoholism or addiction, as nicely.

CannaCraft, Inc., the Santa Rosa-primarily based cannabis firm, offered assistance for this survey. Project CBD will make the survey information readily available to researchers. We hope the information generated by this survey can present guidance for these searching for therapeutic relief and for these curious about exactly where CBD investigation may well lead.
And we’re not accomplished collecting information! If you are interested in sharing your CBD story, head to the survey and let us know how it is been operating – or not operating – for you.

Study Complete Report


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