Coors subsidiary to get started carrying nonalcoholic CBD beverages



Citing improved demand for nonalcoholic beverages, a Coors distributor in the Denver location has began carrying two brands of nonalcoholic drinks infused with hemp extracts such as CBD.

Coors Distributing Co., an independent LLC owned by Molson Coors, distributes beverages to much more than 1,000 places, such as restaurants, comfort shops, grocery shops, liquor shops and events venues.

Coors Distributing announced Friday that it would get started carrying:

  • Colorado’s Greatest Drinks, a line of hemp-infused sodas and flavored drinks and
  • DRAM Apothecary, a line of hemp-infused sparkling waters combined with other botanical extracts, such as cardamom and lavender.

Coors Distributing did not say how numerous places would get started carrying its nonalcoholic hemp beverages, even though a business press release cited “big demand … in the nonalcoholic space.”

A founder of Colorado’s Greatest Drinks, Moose Koons, referred to as the distribution deal “a stamp of approval from 1 of the ideal beverage firms in the globe.”

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