Healthcare cannabis a feasible therapy for discomfort & nausea in cancer individuals



As cancer therapies strengthen, individuals are living longer. With these improvements in therapy comes a duty to optimize patients’ top quality of life for the duration of cancer therapy and beyond. This report critiques 3 timely and significant subjects. The initial section critiques the mechanism underlying chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy and evaluates the proof for interventions to protect against and treat peripheral neuropathy. It also delivers a framework for approaching the diagnosis and management of this widespread and bothersome side impact. The second section addresses the controversial but powerful use of cannabinoids for cancer and chemotherapy symptoms. Though clinical trials are tough to conduct simply because of the political and social stigma of this class of drugs, this overview delivers proof of the efficacy of cannabinoids for therapy of discomfort and nausea. The final section addresses the thoughts-physique connection, with a concentrate on the adverse feelings individuals with cancer typically practical experience. This section assesses the literature with regards to mindfulness-primarily based applications to strengthen cancer-associated anxiety. These 3 subjects may possibly seem unrelated, but all address one particular widespread purpose: treating the physique and the thoughts to optimize top quality of life for the duration of and following cancer therapy.

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PMID: 30231411 DOI: 10.1200/EDBK_209437




Teoh D1, Smith TJ1, Song M1, Spirtos NM1.


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