How To Determine Counterfeit Packaging

Fake Jungle Boys has been displaying up a lot more and a lot more, flooding the black industry with their false packaging. Jungle Boys is a cannabis organization primarily based in Los Angeles focused on promoting higher top quality cannabis and extracts.

Due to the fact they are only primarily based in LA, there has been quite a few fakes spreading all more than legal and illegal states. In this post we describe how to determine fakes and exactly where to get legit ones.

These re-fillable packages come in a wide variety of sizes and flavors.

There are several sorts of packaging that you can discover on the web on quite a few diverse web-sites. From E-bay, Amazon, Alibaba and quite a few a lot more web-sites, Chinese makers sell the packaging for vendors and persons on the street to place what ever they want. In addition, it can be hard occasionally to inform the distinction for the reason that of how identical they appear.

Exactly where can I discover actual ones?

At present, there are only two areas that the Jungle Boys sell their merchandise to and each dispensaries are positioned in Los Angeles. They are TLC Collective dispensary and Los Angeles Farmers, they do not have any of their merchandise in any other place other than these two. Consequently, if you have been to discover this organization in any other dispensary, than it most most likely is fake.

Aside from this, they do not sell any of their merchandise on the web nor do they ship anyplace else. Organizations are acquiring these packages in bulk, filling it up with their personal cannabis and promoting them on the web.

The easiest way to determine Fake Jungle Boys is with CannVerify

canna verify sticker
If your package does not have this sticker at all, than it is a fake.

This is the simplest way to inform if your packaging is genuine or not. Lately, considering that April of 2019, Jungle Boys decided to place a CannVerify seal sticker on all of their merchandise. From their flowers and joints, to all of their concentrates, every single item has this sticker sealed to the packaging. If your package does not include this sticker, than your item is 100% fake. With the Cannverify website or app on Google Play and Apple’s App Retailer, you can merely scan the code or enter the serial quantity to confirm if yours is legit.

Fake Jungle Boys Packaging

With several sorts of sizes and flavors to the packaging, fakes can appear extremely identical if they do have the CannVerify sticker. But there are a handful of packages out exactly where other corporations have copied their logo and added their place or dispensary. Shown beneath are a handful of counterfeit packages that are not affiliated with the organization.

fake jungle boys
Jungle Boys do not distribute any of their merchandise in Canada. As described earlier, they only distribute in two areas, each becoming in LA.
fake jungle boys
This is a false organization applying Jungle Boys and logo for their package
fake jungle boys
Jungle Boys is not affiliated with the place Amsterdam nor the organization The Smoking Dog Seeds.

Fake joint flavor

Getting quite a few diverse flavors, it could be challenging to know which flavor is actual or not. There is 1 in certain that they announced to be fake, which is the SFV x TK joint. They have been popping up on quite a few shops, Weed-maps an on Instagram.

fake jungle boys joint
Show above are two diverse joints. The Wedding Cake is legit, but the SFV x TK is fake.

Fake Jungle Boys Cartridges

Very first off, Jungle boys do not have any pens or cartridges on the industry. There are so quite a few fake cartridges being distributed on the black industry, a lot of persons are not positive what’s actual any longer. We also discovered these fake Jungle Carts, this is not a actual organization, rather just a packaging organization sold on the web by Chinese makers.

fake jungle boys cartridge
Jungle Boys under no circumstances announced obtaining any cartridges out, thus these are fake.
fake jungle carts
Fake Jungle Carts.

Concluding our Fake Jungle Boys guide

As we get a lot more data on fakes, we will retain updating the post. To conclude, the easiest way to inform if the packaging is genuine or not is by browsing the CannVerify sticker. By undertaking so, you can merely inform if it is actual. Otherwise, if you have any of the packages that are affiliated with any dispensary other than TLC Collective or Los Angeles Farmers, than it most most likely is fake.

Do you have any expertise with fake Jungle Boys? Have you encountered them or are they about your location? Comment beneath or post in our forum!


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