Vargo Will not Prosecute Staple and Spice Owner for THC in CBD Oil – Dakota Free of charge Press


Right after Speedy City police raided Staple and Spice in Could and seized $three,000 worth of Carol Pugh’s merchandise, Pennington County State’s Lawyer Mark Vargo has decided not to prosecute Pugh:

“In order to prosecute somebody for the distribution of THC, which is a schedule 1 (drug), we would have to prove that they did so knowingly. And when they’re relying on manufacturer representations, which turn out to be incorrect, it would be sort of tough to prove that they did so knowingly,” Pennington County State’s Lawyer Mark Vargo mentioned Monday, Aug. 12.

“They had been below the impression that there was” no THC in their items, Vargo mentioned of the employees at the Staple and Spice Industry [“Rapid City Store Won’t Face THC Charges,” RCJ via Mitchell Daily Republic, 2019.08.13].

Pugh might not have knowingly violated the law, but considering that Vargo and the cops keep that the items seized contained THC, it sounds like the cops will be returning or refunding Pugh for her lost merchandise.


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