The Amazing Doctor Zymes Wizard Makes A Rare Appearance at The CannaGrow Expo 2019


Teaches Cannabis Growers How to Reduce Their IPM Expenses

LAYTONVILLE, Calif. – August 12, 2019 /Canna Newswire/ – The Amazing Doctor Zymes, the leading manufacture of an all-natural, non-toxic and environmentally safe insecticide and fungicide, announced today The Amazing Doctor Zymes Wizard will make a rare appearance at the CannaGrow Expo this year in Palm Springs, California. The Wizard will reveal major developments in Integrated Pest Management (IPM) that cut growers IPM program budget in half and shave 2/3 the time spent on pest control.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) has traditionally been time consuming and expensive, requiring an array of hazardous, toxic products, and rotating the use of those products throughout the week. The Amazing Doctor Zymes Wizard exposes a powerful 100% all natural organic solution for eliminating these extra costs and wasted time, while reaping more crop yield.

The Amazing Doctor Zymes Wizard will also offer tips for eliminating and preventing harmful insects, fungus, mold and mildew that threatens the success of your harvest yield. You’ll hear about all the profit-boosting advantages of using 1 non-toxic, all natural insecticide and fungicide solution that can reduce your costs, protect your crops and maximize your ROI.

You’ll also learn about the hidden costs of IPM that are eating away at your profits today and how to prevent those costs. The included “IPM Playbook” the Wizard will give away to each visitor debunks traditional approaches to IPM.

“No more rotating three different hazardous products three times a week,” said Michele Georgeson, President of The Amazing Doctor Zymes. “Using three different products multiple times a week for pest control is often very expensive and time consuming, but spraying Eliminator, a green sustainable solution once a week will save money and time. The Wizard discusses a formula that changes the game by making it cost effective to implement in any IPM program.”

At the CannaGrow Expo with the Wizard, you’ll see how a new green IPM solution allows you to effectively eliminate harmful insects, fungus, mold and mildew with one application, once a week.

“The Amazing Doctor Zymes is all about helping our customers produce quality organic cannabis while reducing their IPM expenses,” said Earlvin Proctor, CMO of The Amazing Doctor Zymes. “The Wizard will discuss a true clean approach to compliant marketability of your crop and a valuable way to cut costs by using one all natural product instead of traditionally using three toxic products.”

With the included IPM Playbook, you’ll take a look at a real-world IPM program that is fully capable of producing organic medical grade cannabis compliant to certification standards. As you talk with the Wizard at this rare appearance, you’ll learn exactly where to look to get the advice you need – without incurring huge costs or compromising your crop harvest.

By speaking with The Amazing Doctor Zymes at the CannaGrow Expo, you’ll also receive an understanding of pest control and how to prevent problems from arising. You’ll be able to identify all the components you’ll need and how they fit into your IPM program.

At a time when almost all cannabis growers and horticulturists are trying to find ways to reduce costs, The Amazing Doctor Zymes delivers. The Wizard will reveal the keys to achieving a higher yield, pest free grow while working with strict budgetary constraints. In this way, you’ll learn to protect revenue at the same time you’re reducing costs.

The rare appearance of The Amazing Doctor Zymes Wizard will be packed with key information and real-world examples. Schedule a 1-on-1 with The Wizard as available or at the CannaGrow Expo 2019, August 17-18 at the Palm Springs, Calif. convention center here:

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