Higher Occasions and Clio Launch Joint Awards System, Clio Cannabis • Higher Occasions


Higher Occasions is thrilled to announce a new partnership with the international awards competitors for inventive fields, Clio. This joint venture requires the type of cannabis-centric awards plan known as Clio Cannabis, and will celebrate an region that is fairly new in this age of spreading cannabis legalization and regulation: advertising and marketing.

Clio has myriad verticals in its award plan, and recognizes the innovators and the creators in the locations of marketing, sports, wellness, style, entertainment and music. The inclusion of cannabis, and in that, a partnership with Higher Occasions, appears to be a all-natural subsequent step.

“At Clio, we have worked really hard to establish ideal-in-class applications that are custom constructed to celebrate the diverse and nuanced inventive function of a particular sector,” mentioned Clio president, Nicole Purcell in a press release.

“As 1 of the very first significant competitions to industry, Clio Cannabis is poised to set the bar for inventive function in a swiftly expanding sector, aid to develop an understanding of a establishing category and elevate the marketplace to solicit inventive contributions from leading talent and agencies.”

Kraig Fox, President and CEO of Higher Occasions, is equally enthused for this new journey.

“This moment is a pivotal time for evolution and innovation in the cannabis sector and we wanted to discover the proper way to celebrate and honor the pioneers that are advertising cannabis goods and providers in methods that weren’t achievable till not too long ago and bring new knowledge to a sector that will continue to see exponential development for years to come,” he mentioned.

Clio Cannabis will commence accepting entries on August 26th at www.cliocannabisawards.com


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