Cannabis Use and Cognition in Adults Prescribed Opioids for Persistent Pain.



Adults with persistent discomfort regularly report cannabis use to support handle their symptoms. The influence of cannabis use on cognition in the presence of concurrent symptoms of depression and anxiousness is poorly understood.


Our study explored how cannabis use impacts relationships amongst symptoms of depression, anxiousness, and cognition.

Design and style:

A cross-sectional survey study was performed.


Surveys have been distributed at outpatient clinics treating adults for discomfort in the Pacific Northwestern United States.


A total of 150 adults prescribed an opioid medicine for persistent discomfort have been recruited.


A pencil and paper survey was employed to gather various self-reported ratings of cognition, symptoms of depression and anxiousness, and the typical potency of cannabis consumed as measured by the percentage of delta-9-tetrahydrocannibinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD), as properly as frequency of cannabis use.

Final results:

Depression, anxiousness and cognition considerably worsened as the reported percentage of CBD, THC and general frequency of cannabis use in the previous 30 days elevated. Depression and anxiousness each considerably predicted worsening cognition in the sample. The connection among depressive symptoms and cognition was strengthened as reported percentages of CBD use elevated. The connection was the similar for anxiousness and cognition, despite the fact that not as robust.


Far more cannabis use, specifically higher CBD goods, may perhaps be linked with elevated symptom burdens and may perhaps strengthen relationships among unfavorable impact and cognition. Additional cannabis analysis inside persistent discomfort populations is warranted to add proof that can help sufferers in managing mood and mental processes. Nurses must evaluate how unfavorable affective overall health symptoms may perhaps influence cognition amongst adults with persistent discomfort making use of prescription opioid drugs, specifically in the context of concurrent cannabis use.


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