Arizona Gets C- Grade on ASA’s 2019 National Cannabis Report Card


Every single year, Americans for Secure Access (ASA), a national nonprofit advertising protected and legal access to cannabis for therapeutic use and study, produces a report that grades the legislative and regulatory elements of state-legalized health-related marijuana applications across the nation.

The extensive report illustrates a detailed evaluation of state health-related marijuana applications in 47 states, the District of Columbia, and 4 territories on an ‘A’ to ‘F’ scale.

The ASA’s 2019 report graded Arizona’s health-related marijuana plan as a C-.  Arizona was previously graded as a C- in 2018, a C+ in 2017, a B- in 2016 and a C+ in 2015.

Here’s a category and score breakdown of Arizona’s report:

  • Patient rights and civil protections: 97/100
  • Access to medicine: 81/100
  • Ease of navigation: 87/100
  • Functionality: 74/100
  • Customer security and provider needs: 70.7/100

The only states in the whole nation to get an ‘A’ had been Oregon (A-) and Illinois (A-).

Photo: GarrettSSeeger/Flickr CC2. Modified

Image: Americans for Secure Access

Arizona Medical Marijuana Report Card


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