Advertisements for CBD as Remedy-All Are Everywhere, but Regulation Is Scant


Scientists at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Va., had been concerned when a young man contacted their division final year complaining of a heart-pounding, hallucinogenic higher he had neither anticipated nor wanted to have.

The group, led by the forensic toxicologist Michelle R. Peace, had published a study about mysterious components in vaping liquids. That is how the man, a graduate student Ms. Peace declined to name, knew to inform it about his expertise.

He stated he had vaped a liquid, from a corporation referred to as Diamond CBD, that contained CBD, or cannabidiol. A compound reputed to have soothing properties, CBD has been marketed by the rapidly-increasing cannabis business as an ingredient in sleeping masks, kombucha, Carl’s Jr. burgers and Martha Stewart-backed dog treats. It is not supposed to lead to a psychoactive expertise.

Ms. Peace decided to run some tests of Diamond CBD vaping liquids, some from the graduate student and some purchased from the manufacturer. In 4 of nine samples, all marketed on the company’s web page as 100 % organic, her lab found a synthetic compound, 5F-ADB. That ingredient has been linked by the Drug Enforcement Administration to anxiousness, convulsions, psychosis, hospitalization and death. [Read more at The New York Times]


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