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Afternoon Delight embodies the promise of its moniker. It crushes
stress because it cradles customers on a cloud of euphoria. Uplifting the temper is a way
of happiness that types inside. It places customers in a state of serene tranquility
as its bodily results start to take over.

One in all Afternoon’s Delight most distinct options is its sedating comedown regardless of its Sativa-leaning genes. This may be attributed to its Banana Kush, a hybrid with an upbeat onset and a heavy-hitting buzz that settles within the limbs earlier than lulling fanatics to mattress. In the meantime, its potent Sativa options are from Schrom and Tangie which Colorado Seed Inc. selected for its efficiency, taste, and restorative advantages.

With 18% to 22% THC, Afternoon Delight is normally reserved for seasoned customers. It could actually ship an awesome head excessive or highly effective sofa lock when used past private tolerance ranges. Novices should benefit from the pressure by way of pacing and moderation.

Our Afternoon Delight Pressure Evaluation

Data About Afternoon Delight Pressure

ORIGIN Banana Kush, Schrom, and Tangie
EFFECTS Relaxed – 10
Comfortable – 9
Euphoric -2
Uplifted – 2
Sleepy – 1
FRAGRANCE Pungent, fruity, grapefruit, skunk, pine
FLAVORS Tropical, candy, grapefruit, skunk, pine
Dry mouth – 6
Paranoid – 2
Dizzy – 1
Anxious – 1
MEDICAL Despair – 10
Ache – 9
Stress – 8
Insomnia – 3
Cramps – 2
THC CONTENT % 18% to 22%
CBD % As much as 1%
INDOOR YIELD 12 to 16 ounces per sq. meter
OUTDOOR YIELD 12 ounces or extra per plant
CLIMATE Mediterranean local weather

* 10 is the best
* 1 is the bottom


Afternoon Delight is a predominantly Sativa pressure with an
fascinating impact. It has a stress-crushing buzz that ease worries within the thoughts
because it relaxes the physique. It’s best used within the afternoon as its head to toe
excessive could typically lull customers to the sofa or mattress for a fast nap.

Afternoon Delight Strain Effects
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Through the onset, it delivers an uplifting buzz that
immediately adjustments the temper. Customers smile extra because it clears the thoughts of
negativity. Changing it are joyful reminiscences that amplify the upbeat

After about an hour or two, a light-weight strain kneads the muscle mass all around the physique. It begins on the temples, releasing the strain that makes the brow crease, earlier than shifting right down to the toes. It blankets customers in hazy rest.

Though uncommon, it’s attainable for customers to grow to be drowsy just a few hours after utilizing Afternoon Delight. Its euphoric buzz settles within the limbs and weighs the physique down because it continues to persist. It gently cradles customers to mattress with its soothing euphoria.

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Afternoon Delight is
a pungent pressure attributable to its efficiency. It has a fruity aroma with overtones of grapefruit
which tantalizes the senses. Enhancing it’s a complimentary tangy skunk. Breaking
it aside reveals its refreshing pine undertones which intensify after


Afternoon Delight
is a delight to the senses. It is sort of a tropical shake that bursts with sweetness
of citrus and grapefruit within the palate. Coating the tongue is the style of
skunk with a touch of wooden. On the exhale, it leaves an aftertaste of pine which
refreshes the mouth.

Antagonistic reactions

Other than a cottonmouth,
customers may additionally expertise a situation referred to as greening out. The signs normally
vary from a headache to a disorienting dizziness that triggers nervousness. At
occasions, nonetheless, it may be a refined however unsettling feeling of paranoia. It’s
normally the results of over consumption, however one’s disposition earlier than the excessive
may additionally be an element. Moderation is crucial to maintain the expertise nice
when toking Afternoon Delight.


Afternoon Delight’s
vary of makes use of additionally embrace therapeutic reprieve. It has as much as 1%
CBD that,
together with different cannabinoids akin to THC or terpenes, gives sufferers
consolation in opposition to varied afflictions.

Afternoon Delight Strain Medical
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Its uplifting excessive, as an example, has a constructive impact on persistent stress. It appeases the overwhelm feeling of dreadfulness that one experiences when over labored. Its capacity to assuage worries assists sufferers with nervousness in calming down. In briefly suppressing negativity, it improves the temper whereas additionally managing signs of psychological well being points related to melancholy.

It has a soothing
buzz that tranquilizes aches and pains that fatigue the physique. It relaxes customers
and releases tensions that tightens the muscle. It eases cramps that forestall
one from shifting round correctly.

Its capacity to place
customers right into a state of tranquility hastens the onset of its sedating properties.
In all probability, one will need to go to mattress early and get up feeling
invigorated the following day. To not point out, it enhances the standard and amount
of sleep.


Afternoon Delights
reveals extra Sativa qualities within the develop room. It stretches tall and has a
desire for a hotter, extra Mediterranean-like surroundings. To not point out,
its buds are fluffy and taper on every finish.

Afternoon Delight Strain Growing
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This isn’t to say
that the plant has troubles rising within the northern hemisphere. In truth, it’s
moderately sturdy because of the Indica affect of its mother and father. It should nonetheless must
be protected in opposition to harsh climate situations akin to heavy rains that can
stunt its progress. Early winters are additionally one other issue to look into as it could
kill the plant in a single day.

Alternatively, growers could transfer the plant indoors. It permits for higher management over rising components like temperature, lighting, and humidity. Pruning away lifeless branches and stalks is crucial for higher nutrient circulation to more healthy budding websites. Together with is topping which is able to maintain the plant brief in a small rising area.

The Display of Inexperienced works greatest with Afternoon Delight. To do that, growers should set up a display above the present cover after which weaving branches into it. It manages top by conserving the plant from going past the place the online is located. On the similar time, it encourages bud manufacturing because it evens out mild distribution by mentioning the decrease nodes.

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Flowering Time

Afternoon Delight flowers rapidly, totally maturing at Eight to 10 weeks. Every sq. meter yields between 12 to 16 ounces of buds.

Out of doors
Within the northern hemisphere, Afternoon Delight blooms from the center of October as much as the previous couple of days of the identical month. Growers can anticipate no less than 12 ounces of buds per plant as soon as prepared for harvest.

Have you ever ever smoked or grown your personal Afternoon Delight? Please let me know what you consider this marijuana pressure within the feedback under.


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