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For each frequent and rare cannabis shoppers, discovering correct storage in your stash may also help maintain your cannabis brisker for longer. One of the best ways to retailer cannabis is in hermetic jars, like a mason or canning jar, in a cool, darkish place. Assuming you do maintain your weed in a mason jar, is it essential to wash them? The reply is unquestionably sure. First, let’s check out the advantages of storing cannabis in hermetic jars. 

Maintain Trichomes and Terpenes Intact

Leaving your cannabis in plastic baggies can pull trichomes from the bud and onto the plastic itself. Trichomes, along with giving cannabis its frosty look, include highly effective cannabinoids that give cannabis its many therapeutic properties for circumstances like anxiousness, nausea, ache, and plenty of others. Trichomes additionally include terpenes, compounds that give weed its distinct tastes and smells, like citrus, or pine. Terpenes additionally contribute to the entourage impact present in cannabis.

The very best place to retailer cannabis is in hermetic jars, like a mason or canning jar. photograph credit score

Plastic has a static cost and may pull the trichomes out of your bud. Baggies may leach poisonous chemical compounds, which you positively don’t wish to inhale. One other draw back to storing your stash in plastic is that it could break aside. Whereas this can be helpful for rolling a joint, storing your bud in a mason jar definitely gives extra safety and received’t flatten your stash. Storing cannabis in a mason jar additionally helps to maintain particular person taste profiles intact for longer. Hashish strains, due to terpenes, have distinctly totally different tastes and smells that you wouldn’t essentially wish to combine. In the event you benefit from the sweetness of Tremendous Lemon Haze, however retailer it in the identical jar because the cheese-like, barely funky Dairy Queen pressure, each may very well be a lot much less pleasurable to devour. 

Efficiency and Odor Management

Over time, cannabis that’s uncovered to oxygen and age will degrade, breaking the psychoactive compound THC down right into a cannabinoid known as CBN (cannabinol). Whereas CBN is believed to efficient in beating insomnia, it has little to no intoxicating results. By storing in an hermetic container, your stash will take for much longer to degrade. And let’s not neglect cannabis’ signature skunky odor. Until you need your own home to odor like a dispensary, preserving cannabis in an hermetic jar will assist maintain odors to a minimal. And in case you are a father or mother, preserving your weed in a jar sealed tight makes it tougher for little arms to open. 

Time to Clear

Over time, there shall be a build-up of plant resin and shake that might follow your jars. And something left in any container for lengthy sufficient will develop mould, which isn’t nice in your weed or your well being. Smoking moldy cannabis can exacerbate circumstances like bronchial asthma and allergic reactions, and expose you to further bronchial and lung irritations. Plus, you positively don’t wish to be storing new weed with older, moldy stuff. Fortunately, cleansing your weed jars is a reasonably simple proposition and doesn’t require any particular tools or components:

Methods to Clear Your Weed Jars:

  • Isopropyl Alcohol (ISO): Continuously utilized in disinfectants, antiseptics, and detergents, ISO may be very reasonably priced, about $2.50 for a 32-ounce bottle. Simply set your stash apart, then pour a small quantity of ISO into the jar, put the lid again on, and provides it shake. If the jar remains to be sticky, you might have to do some scraping, then repeat the method. Rinse completely, and let dry.
  • Sizzling Rock Salt Water: If the resin isn’t too caked on, cleansing your jar with sizzling water ought to do the trick. So as to add some scrubbing energy, add rock salt and shake vigorously. 
  • The Dishwasher: If a dishwasher can eliminate the previous, stuck-on meals out of your dishes, eliminating resin from storage jars doesn’t look like such a stretch. Dishwashers, in spite of everything, are supposed to wash dishes at excessive temperatures and kill germs and micro organism. And when you’ve got a dishwasher with a “sanitize” setting, it’s designed to kill nearly 100 p.c of micro organism and attain 150 levels Fahrenheit throughout its remaining rinse cycle. Plus, mason jars are dishwasher protected. 

Keep in mind, cleansing your weed jar may also help maintain your cannabis recent and potent for longer, so whenever you discover some sticky build-up, give one among these strategies a attempt.

Do you clear your weed jars? Tell us your suggestions and tips for cleansing within the feedback beneath!

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