CBD Tincture Side Effects


More people are turning to the natural health industry for supplements that produce results without the negative consequences – and they are finding CBD. CBD is being lauded as a “miracle compound” because of its wealth of health benefits and lack of harmful side effects. CBD products have an array of associated health benefits impacting sleep, mood, pain, stress and more. Not only are CBD Tincture negative side effects almost non-existent, but the positive benefits are numerous.

What is CBD?

CBD, or Cannabidiol, is one of many natural compounds found in Hemp plants. Hemp plants are high in CBD but contain only trace amounts of THC, or Tetrahydrocannabinol – the active compound in Marijuana responsible for producing a “high.” At Hemp Bombs, we extract our CBD from non-GMO, premium Industrial Hemp. We use a CO2 extraction method to isolate CBD from other cannabinoids present in the Hemp plant like THC. The resulting CBD isolate is 99 percent pure and free of harmful chemicals. Since Hemp Bombs products do not contain THC, intoxication is not on the list of CBD Tincture side effects.

What is CBD Tincture?

CBD Tincture, or CBD Oil, is a combination of CBD isolate, MCT Oil, and Grape Seed Oil. It is taken sublingually, or under the tongue, because the tissues in this area allow for quicker absorption. CBD has strong antioxidant properties – possibly more powerful than Vitamin C and E –  making it a viable, daily supplement to promote health and wellness. But what are the side effects of CBD Tincture?

CBD Tincture Side Effects

Scientific research reports few CBD Tincture side effects. The lack of adverse effects associated with CBD can be attributed to the all-natural properties of the Hemp plant, but its effectiveness stems from its interactions with the Endocannabinoid System. The ECS is a network of receptors and cannabinoids, or chemical compounds produced by the body, that maintain homeostasis, control immune system function, and regulate mood, appetite, and pain. When CBD is introduced to your system, it interacts with other compounds to help restore balance in the body. CBD Tincture side effects are mostly positive because of the way the compound integrates itself with your body. There is no chance of overdosing when it comes to CBD, but like anything else, CBD should be taken in moderation. High doses of CBD Oil may cause you to feel tired. However, many people use CBD because it promotes natural sleep.

The pros far outweigh the cons when it comes to CBD Tincture side effects. Those with chronic pain, psoriasis depression and other conditions may experience relief with Hemp Bombs CBD Tincture.

  • Chronic Pain – Living in discomfort is not ideal, but millions of people have no choice because of chronic pain. CBD may work to combat pain in two ways. The first is by encouraging the accumulation of anandamide, a “bliss” molecule, in the bloodstream. When the body senses pain, anandamide bonds to ECS receptors to help nullify the pain. In other cases, pain results from over-inflammation. CBD binds with overactive immune cells and causes a chain reaction to reduce inflammation. By addressing the underlying cause of certain aches, CBD Tincture can potentially benefit those suffering from chronic pain.
  • Psoriasis – This skin condition is a result of fast-paced cellular reproduction, resulting in the accumulation of skin cells. The build-up of dead skin cells can cause dry, red patches. The ECS plays an important role in regulating cell reproduction, so adding more cannabinoids to the system through CBD products may help regulate skin cell reproduction cycle. When used topically, CBD Tincture may alleviate redness and bring moisture to the skin.
  • Depression – Some people with depressive symptoms and other mental health problems are searching for natural solutions to help improve mood. CBD works with the body in a way that could help people with depression. CBD Tincture may increase anandamide levels in the blood, which boosts overall mood. This mood enhancement may help those with depression to stabilize their mood.


Dosing Guidelines

CBD affects everyone differently, so the dosing varies from person to person. Increase your intake slowly to get a better idea of how much CBD works for you. Hemp Bombs offers CBD Tincture in potencies ranging from 300mg to 4000mg in two great flavors – peppermint and watermelon. CBD works best when taken consistently.

There are several benefits associated with CBD use, and CBD Tincture side effects are overwhelmingly beneficial. CBD Tincture can provide overall health and wellness benefits and ease the symptoms of many conditions. Read for more on how CBD Tincture may make you feel.


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