8 Best Digital Scales for Weed


When buying a product like a weed, people expect to get the optimum value for their money. Are you sure that your enterprise is living up to your customer’s expectations? Getting all the product specifics correct plays an important role to build customer trust. For that, you will need the best digital scale for weed, to avoid any errors in a business relationship.

Here is a list of the top digital scales for marijuana with their features and specifics so you can pick out the best weed scale for yourself.

Best Weed Scale on the Market – Top 8 in 2019.

Reviews of the Top 8 Digital Weed Scales in the Market

1. Weigh Gram Digital Scale for Weed

This pocket scale from Weigh Gram great for weighing lightweight objects like weed, with precision. Though the maximum weighing capacity is 100 g, it also gives you readability up to 0.01 g for extra accurate measurements.

The operation on this scale is easy; just press the touch buttons or the large size digits to deliver your commands. In addition, the bright LCD display makes your readings legible regardless of your external lighting system. Also, the scale includes four different modes so you can customize it according to your weighing unit.

Apart from that, the basic platform is made of stainless steel, with an accessible flip cover. This means you can easily carry it around in your pocket.


  • Blue Blacklit display
  • 10-year warranty
  • Versatile can weigh gold, silver, gems and other small commodities


  • Calibration is required for first-time users


best scale for weed

2. American Weigh Digital Scales for Marijuana

American Weigh Scales Black Blade

The Black Blade Series by American Weigh scales will surely end your search for the best weed scales. Designed to weigh small objects precisely, it can weigh as much as 100 g and as little as 0.01 g, accurately.

In addition, the weigh set up is easy to use. You just have to operate it using three basic key systems, with a flip-out display to assist your commands.

Also, if you feel it’s too small for you, you can expand it into two sizes, according to the amount of your material and your comfort. Weed usually takes up some space when weighing so this is necessary to have feature for the best digital weed scale.

It is powered by 2 AAA batteries, which you will get with the whole package. These powerful batteries will ensure the optimal use of your scales for hours at a stretch.


  • Bright display
  • 10-year warranty
  • Low price
  • Two expansion trays to hold all equipment


  • Counterfeiting of this product is reported


3. American Weigh Scales Gemini 20

American Weigh Scales GEMINI-20

This model by American Weighing Scales is also in the league for the best digital scale for weed. It has a small weighing capacity compared to the other models listed but then, you will probably sell weed in small amounts, right? This makes it the best scale for weed. It can weigh up to 20 g and as low as 0.01 g.

In addition, it runs on a powerful 2 AAA battery, which is included with your purchase. These ensure easy setup and smooth running from the first day. For added accessibility, the package includes a case with tweezers, calibration weighs and a tray, to handle small amounts of material. An interesting feature is a flip-down shield, which protects delicate products during the weighing process.

Also, you can select from six different weighing units. That’s more than the contemporary best weed scale which has only four. To fully optimize the use of these options you can use the detailed user guide as well.


  • Tare feature
  • 10-year warranty
  • Bright LCD display
  • On and off buttons


  • Requires regular cleaning
  • Requires regular cleaning


best weed digital scales

4. GDEALER DS1 Digital Weed Scale

GDEALER DS1 Digital Pocket weed Multifunction

This digital scale is not only the best scale for weed but has a versatile design to fit all purposes. Through its gravity sensor and wide range, you can weigh products up to 500 g. Also, it provides the weight readings in five different units to customize your weighing sessions.

In addition, it’s made to weigh food and herbs. The tare feature ensures you get a precise count for your recipes and storage. Catching up on weighing tasks in dim light? Not a problem, the LCD display with blue backlight is visible in any amount of light.

Apart from that, it’s a great combination of durability and lightweight with its plastic body and stainless steel plate. Also, you can use the plastic cases provided to weight delicate foods and herbs with precision.


  • One year warranty
  • Three function buttons
  • 2 AAA batteries included with purchase


  • Weightless than 3 g may lack precision


5. INEVIFIT Digital Scale for Cannabis


This scale is designed especially for food products, making it the best scale for weed and other herbs. It is easy to use and accurate for a wide range of purposes. Firstly, it can weigh up to 13 pounds, and give as less as 1 g readings. The unit conversion includes five different options for you to customize for each weighing session.

Secondly, the best part is that it is convenient to use. The batteries are already provided for easy setup, and it will turn off automatically when not in use, to save your battery life.

Thirdly, you will get maximum visibility through its LCD display, so you will never get a wrong reading even in dimly lit environments. With all that, it is light enough to carry around or fix in your kitchen to weigh according to recipes, doses, and diet plans.


  • Five-year warranty
  • Tare feature
  • Sensor technology
  • Easy to clean
  • Low battery alerts


  • Screen malfunctions are reported
  • Large containers can obstruct the display as well


6. Weighmax Electronic Marijuana Scale

Weighmax Electronic weed Scale

If you are looking for the best scale for weed, but want to use it for other purposes as well, then this food scale by Weighmax will make you run for your money. This compact, portable scale has a staggering weight capacity of five pounds. In addition to that, its sensors can detect objects up to 1 g, precisely.

Apart from that, its blue backlight LCD display will give you the best visibility, so you will never get a reading wrong again. The accessibility on this model goes a long way you can remove the weighing bowl easily for use and cleaning purposes. It can also double up as a storage bowl.

Moreover, this weight has impeccable functions. You can convert your weight in three different units, ounces, pounds, and grams. Also, the mode key and on and off-key make an effortless operating system.


  • Tare Feature
  • User manual included
  • 2 AA batteries included


  • The plastic covering over the battery compartment is too loose


best digital scales for weed

7. ESSENCE Digital Scale for Cannabis

ESSENCE Digital marijuana Scale

This digital scale by Essence will change the way you use your herbs and ingredients. It can weigh up to 11 pounds of material and as little as 1 g. This makes it great for ingredients and food around the kitchen and the best scale for weed and herbs.

Basically, this scale is powered by 2 AAA batteries that you’ll get with the package. This makes set up and operation a breeze. In addition, the LCD display has interesting features. Not only is it backlit and clear, but it can interchange from one unit to another automatically.

The best part is that you can easily store and clean this weighing scale after testing messy products as well, which makes it great for herbs and powders.


  • 5-year warranty
  • Tare feature
  • Accessible battery compartment


  • Extra sensitive buttons are a nuisance sometimes


8. Etekcity Digital Touch Weed Scale

GDEALER DS1 Digital Pocket weed Multifunction

This sleek and smart design combined with amazing functionality makes this product a strong competitor for the best digital weed scale list. Its weight recommendations range from 1 g at the lowest and five kg at the highest. This means it is ideal to weigh herbs in both small and large amounts with precision.

In addition to that, this scale is constructed with a durable tempered glass. This helps resist stains and cleaning up after use. Also, it features anti-skid padding to ease its storage and make it stable. The finished details are also commendable, as the edges are rounded for safe use.

Suitable for dry and liquid ingredients, it can be used to weigh drugs, grains, chemicals and herbs alike. Moreover, the LCD system shows a clear reading of your selected unit of weight. The device will turn off on its own when not in use and indicate power shortage and overload as well.


  • Strain gauge sensors
  • One year warranty
  • CE/ROHS certified
  • HIPS base for easy cleaning
  • Tare function


  • Unit changing button is underneath the scale which is difficult to operate


Best Scales for Weed – Dry Weed Weight Measurement Charts

Ounce   Pound   Grams
1 oz >> 1/16 lb >> 28.35 g
2 oz >> 1/8 lb >> 56.70 g
3 oz >> 1/5.3 lb >> 85.05 g
4 oz >> 1/4 lb >> 113.40 g
8 oz >> 1/2 lb >> 226.80 g
12 oz >> 3/4 lb >> 340.194 g
16 oz >> 1 lb >> 453.592 g
32 oz >> 2 lb >> 907.185
1 Kg >> 2.2 lb >> 1000

Weed Grams to Ounces & Ounces to Grams Conversion Table

Grams (g) to Ounces (oz)     Ounces
to Grams (g)
1 g >> 0.0353 oz 0.1oz >> 2.835 g
2 g >> 0.0706 oz 1 oz >> 28.35 g
3 g >> 0.1058 oz 2 oz >> 56.70 g
4 g >> 0.1411 oz 3 oz >> 85.05 g
5 g >> 0.1764 oz 4 oz >> 113.40 g
6 g >> 0.2116 oz 5 oz >> 141.75 g
7 g >> 0.2469 oz 6 oz >> 170.10 g
8 g >> 0.2822 oz 7 oz >> 198.45 g
9 g >> 0.3175 oz 8 oz >> 226.80 g
10 g >> 0.3527 oz 9 oz >> 255.15 g
20 g >> 0.7055 oz 10 oz >> 283.50 g
30 g >> 1.0582 oz 20 oz >> 566.99 g
40 g >> 1.4110 oz 30 oz >> 850.49 g
50 g >> 1.7637 oz 40 oz >> 1133.98 g
60 g >> 2.1164 oz 50 oz >> 1417.48 g
70 g >> 2.4692 oz 60 oz >> 1700.97 g
80 g >> 2.8219 oz 70 oz >> 1984.47 g
90 g >> 3.1747 oz 80 oz >> 2267.96 g
100 g >> 3.5274 oz 90 oz >> 2551.46 g
1000 g >> 35.2740 oz 100 oz >> 2834.95 g
1000 oz >> 28349.52 g

Last Thoughts about the “The Best Digital Scale for Weed”

There are certain features a scale should have to be suitable to weigh weed. This includes its ability to precisely measure small amounts, durability, reading legibility, and portable enough to be discreet. While all of these products listed above have the potential to be the best, the Weigh Gram digital scale stands out of the crowd.

This is because it has a light and durable construction, and is small enough to be discreet and give optimal functionality. It can weigh from 100 g to 0.01 g, so your reading will be correct until the last milligram of weed. Combines with the LCD display, while other scales are great for food items and other ingredients, this one’s the best scale for weed.


8 Best Digital  Scale for Weed - Get the right Amount for your Money!

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8 Best Digital Scale for Weed – Get the right Amount for your Money!


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